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Earn money at home – Get paid daily doing simple tasks

Sign up to get paid to do simple tasks online through your Paypal account. Cloud Crowd pays you to write, blog, research, translate, data entry and more. For work at home jobs posted weekly go to

19 thoughts on “Earn money at home – Get paid daily doing simple tasks

  1. i went to this site and did everything and all it keeps saying is
    somethiing about credentials it wont let me do anything =/

  2. Picture living the rest of your life with freedom. It would be awesome
    right? Well anyone can. Take a look at Split Profit Setup on Google (GOOGLE
    IT). My wife has has been earning $422 every 5 days using Split Profit
    Setup. All you need to do is Google it.

  3. hey i am interested in working from home getting paid daily? also I was
    also interested in working from home doing customer service I have the
    experience It’s just no body is hiring people without a diploma, I have all
    the experience I need with my home office setup but nobody won’t hire me
    without a diploma do you know any places I could signup with that would not
    discriminate, also I love your channels…

  4. Hi Vatrecia, you may want to try sites like Cloud Crowd, Amazon Mturk, and
    Bubblews if you are looking to get paid daily. I made a post about this on
    the homepage of my website and you can read it to find out more companies
    that pay quickly. You may want to try UHaul. They are hiring customer
    service agents to work from home and they do not require you to have a high
    school diploma. You can apply today! I hope this helps.

  5. gud day..i would like to ask if you know site where i could get home based
    job of data entry of health forms,insurance staff like that.. since i have
    familiarity on it…hoping for your soonest response…thank you..

  6. You can try Virtualbee, Clickworker, Cloud Crowd, Great American
    Opportunities, Cass Info, Captial Typing, and Xerox.

  7. madam pl help me I am a handicapped person and your service is lovable bcoz
    you want to help.I want to post ads manually for companies since I am an
    INDIAN I do not get businessmen to hire me. pl arrange a job
    debasis11111@yahoo.co.in be blessed

  8. hi pl give me some idea or website where I can earn by writing short
    stories for children

  9. This is an interesting way to make money online. Thanks for sharing. Even i
    have my thoughts about it. I’ll check it out. 

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