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? BEST Tips To Overcome Depression As A Stay At Home Mom


BEST Tips To Overcome As A Stay Home Mom

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  1. Im so deep in the depression that i dont even know who I am anymore. I literally feel like I cannot even trust that I know what intrest me. These are great tips, and I will try to crawl out of this mentality and do at least 2 tomorrow 🙂

    1. Christa Wade hello sweetie, I know you put this comment on 9months ago but I just saw it today, really hope you feel much better, message me if you need to talk, I know I’m a total stranger but often they are the best people to talk to because you don’t feel you are hurting people you love.,hope you are not offered by my comments xx

    2. just have faith in urself and have courage to face the worst and be the best bcoz u know who u r as u r the only one who will be able to analyse those situations more precisely so just believe in urself…everything will be fyn with a positive mindset..?

    3. Christa Wade I understand how you feel this is me to a tee and when I explain it to people they say to me what are you kidding you stay home I’m the one that’s tired from working and so on and so forth. The first thing is that money is always on my mind I think shall lack thereof control not that I don’t have any control over my fiance’s money but it’s more the lack of me bringing it in that really bothers me however working seems so hard and it never was hard for me before my daughter when I’m working I feel very guilty but I do have to admit I am no where near depressed when I work tired yes depressed not at all. I am at a point where I do not even want to look in the mirror I do not leave my house at all and when I think about even driving to the gas station I get severe anxiety summer is right here and I also feel guilty for my daughter in this she’s well taken care of but I feel like I could be going out doing so many more things on a daily basis with her but that guilt is part of the depression because I don’t think I should be feeling that guilt so much because she does get everything She Needs & Wants but I’m at a point where cleaning seems overbearing to me my house is tidy but doing it probably takes all my energy for the day I don’t cry I have no emotion other than fear I haven’t cried in so long and I stopped communicating with my fiance he is great in a sense but in another sense he ignores the depression he doesn’t tell me like get me moving if that makes sense he let me live in it and loath in it because it’s easier for him not to deal with it. I know one of the main things for me is I feel like a failure for not working however work around where I live is so hard to find. this has been going on now for a good year on and off and then on and off moments I was working for 3 months for months in a couple weeks I am going to get my resume together but part of that is also I have no self esteem towards working which I used to be in the workforce and I used to be successful in the workforce before I have my daughter but I have no confidence on my cell phone when I go for jobs I go for these jobs that are very crappy hands then I don’t want to be there instead of going for like an office position where I would enjoy myself I would be able to get pretty and just be a woman but I tend not to do that and I think my thought process on that is that I will find a crappy job get used to the work for us and then get a better one which never happens. I don’t even get dressed up or put on makeup makeup with something that I loved to do I’ve been home for the most part of my daughter’s three years of life with like I said times where I worked 6 months 7 months out of work then for months out of work and so on and so forth and might I add that we are not living Grand it could be a lot worse that I understand that even if I brought home maybe $200 a week I think I would feel better that it was brought home from me even if 70% of it went to childcare. I basically gave up every dream and I don’t even know what interest me anymore cuz I have nothing that does and my mother will try to give me advice but her advice is to clean and that’s overwhelming to me right now and I know that sounds ridiculous but it’s cleaning and cleaning and cleaning and it does not make me happy I I cook for my daughter but I do not cook meals for my fiance I’ll make sure there’s food to eat but I don’t cook I have no interest in anything and part of me resents him and then another part of me feels terribly sorry for him for having to be with me at this moment there’s got to be something to do stop feeling sorry for myself whatever it is to snap out of it the jump in the shower and get dressed up instead of jumping in the shower and throw in pajamas back on and throwing my hair in a bun because I haven’t straightened my hair and God knows how long the only thing I do is go to church on Sundays and that’s a new thing for me and maybe a couple weeks actually a few months I’ve started going since Easter and I enjoy it but that’s the only time I get out of the house because I have severe anxiety to leave the house which sounds ridiculous or for people to even come over it’s came to that point that it’s too much work as lazy as that seems but I know that I’m not lazy I’m unmotivated I can paste the house and walk 10 miles a day where I could put that energy into something more productive counseling would be out of the question for me because I would have to get in the car and go there so I would have to make smaller steps here to do that. I’m glad that people are talking about this because most people that look at somebody staying home looks at them like they have it all what do they have to worry about they don’t do nothing is kind of the suggestion that everybody gives out about it but I can tell you I stopped working in the end of February and I went through a major depression because of that and I ended up losing my position cuz it was a 90-day probation period and my daughter got sick and you’re not allowed to have any days out in the 90 days now that job was a 12 hour shift 4 days a week and you worked in 136 degrees Heat and it wasn’t that great. I know that I can find better if I got my butt out there and actually started looking this was awhile ago that you posted this but I hope you’re feeling better and if you are is there anything that you did that you could recommend. also I will add that depression medications did not work for me they just made me more numb because my problem is not sitting and crying all day my problem is the lack thereof emotions I have none other than for my child and the loathing of self-hate is real too although I want admit it to anybody around me. I’m going to try some of these tips tomorrow and watch other videos but this is definitely real and I’m glad somebody is speaking about it. I hope all is well for you and I just wanted to share a little bit of how I’m feeling cuz sometimes I think I’m going crazy in the most rational way like I know it’s not normal I know that in a way it seems very lazy and non caring and either people don’t motivate me at all or the way they motivate me is by putting me down about it which just puts me in a deeper hole.

    4. I believe it takes more than just watching videos, and seeking for help, that too online. Take a step, though a small one, make list of things that worries you, and think for a moment, are they really worth it..? Make list of things that you like doing the most. Set a goal for yourself. You wife or kids, if you have, tell them how you feel, and ask them to help you get out of this constant feelings of sadness, melancholy… I can write all day about it, but not going to take you out of your bed, though that might motivate you for a while. It’s not bad to tell other how you feel and ask them to help, so don’t feel bad, if you do.

  2. Great tips. I would also add prayer to the list which is similar to meditation but different. Another suggestion is to incorporate essential oils. i breath in frankincense when I’m feeling anxious. Also, make sure your diet is clean and eliminate crap food , milk and bread, take in healthy carbs like fruit. I also just practice positive self talk.

  3. Hey sweetie, 8 weeks ago(when i was so low) you left such a lovely comment on my instagram saying you were in love with my page. I am now feeling much better & am slowly responding to comments from back then on all my social media. I just wanted to say THANK YOU! I have now checked out your Instagram & Youtube too & have followed you & subscribed to you as i also love what i see. You see like a really positive person & god only knows that i need some of that in my life. I am going on my long awaited & very needed holidays(vacation i think you call it over the pond) but i am so excited to get back & watch your videos. I hope you get all you’ve set out to get on your 2016 vision board & amsending you lots of love & luck for the rest of 2016 xxx

  4. …caught…I’m in bed…what’s the point of makeup if I’m a single mom n don’t want to date tho? Sigh…

    1. prettyparadoxical woman just do it to feel good about yourself. when I wear makeup I feel put together and feel positive 🙂

  5. where is your kid while you workout and meditate? i have 2 and they both are klimbing on me while i try to exercise.

  6. Thank you so much for posting this! I’m a stay at home mom of 4 I have a 4 month old, 3 year old twins, and a 6 year old. I love being a mom and I love to stay home with my kids but I definitely struggle with Anxiety and depression and it more I feel lonely and left out I feel like friends and family don’t care. I hate that I even think that way and I don’t want to go on medication for it because I was before I got pregnant with my 4th and it sucked to come off of. I’m hoping to maybe look into essential oils.

  7. this is such a powerful video! i can’t tell you how much this helped me just wake up and open my eyes to what’s really going on! most days it’s so hard to get up. i just want to sleep or lay there feeling depressed.

    1. Brittney Nicole oh brittney you have got this girl! I hope you’re already starting to find more joy in your days and you’re getting up, dressed and feeling beautiful again! ?

  8. I have felt like this last few weeks after my grandma passed away I really didn’t think It was gonna impact me as bad as it did but I keep going

    1. Terra Tootle I’m so sorry to hear about your grandmother. I hope you’re starting to feel better as time passes and you’re finding ways to bring joy to your life each day ✨

    2. Thank you Samantha Hauger Mommy In Love With Fitness, I’m doing better yes as time passes it is healing and getting better.. Working out helps I just start working out and makes me feel good about myself

  9. I realize this is an older video, but I just became vulnerable as well lol and uploaded a video about post partum anxiety and your video showed up underneath it and I’m so glad it did. I’ve been feeling the same way, can hardly even get myself out of the house! My husband and I are changing our eating habits and bought beach body on demand (starting with 21 day fix) and it seriously has been helping! So glad I found you to watch your workout videos now ☺️☺️

  10. im a single mom who is newly unemployed due to our company shut down in my state. its been a struggle ever since ive been home daily…and i so needed this video. thank you for speaking up.

  11. well as a stay at home dad for the first time. I to am fighting with depression at the moment. I praise anybody who stays at home to raise their kid or kids. its a job. my daughter means the world to me. couldnt imagine my life without her. but are these feelings of sadness and depression natural? just can’t get out of thia slump. crying all the time, being lonely, walls closing in on me.

    1. +Matt G I’m so sorry you’re feeling this way Matt. Is this a new thing to be a stay at home dad? Here I am almost a year after this video and I feel SO much better. I think the feelings are totally normal. I really had to work hard to get myself out of the house – go to the park, go to the gym, go to the library. I had to ask for help from family or friends to please watch my son for a few hours so I could have some refresher time to myself. Hang in there dad! ?These feelings won’t last forever. I highly suggest finding a hobby or pursuing a passion of yours to help you feel fulfilled.

  12. Mine hit hard when my son was 6 & it was awful!! One thing that I loved to do & really helped me was to just go for a walk in the woods. We have about 107 acres which are mostly wooded w/ a river in the back. It was the most peaceful part of my day & helped me to relax. I know most may not have that much land at their disposal but even going for a walk in a park or along a beach might just help. ? Depression can be difficult to overcome but you can do it. Good luck!

  13. Thank you for your post! Your baby’s so adorable! ugh I need to get on it… I just lost my job 3 months ago…and now being at home I just watched shows all day and cook for the hubby and I. This sucks because I get bored a LOT not having kids but a dog..plus by myself from 4am to 11pm. The problem is I feel extremely lazy to do anything. No motivation at all. This sucks. I’ll probably try the gratitude book. Thank you for sharing btw.

  14. this is exactly what I’ve been going through. I started yoga and working out and have noticed a huge change in my body and my attitude. glad to know I’m not the only SAHM dealing with depression. Also, I love keeping a gratitude journal. Such a big help in keeping me humble and reminding me what I live for. Keepr head up!

  15. I feel blah.
    I don’t have the motivation to learn how to drive
    It’s the biggest reason why I’m depressed I’m always home and making mom friends is harder since I can’t go to the park or mall to meet moms like me. In general i feel like my life can be very dull. I have no other purpose besides being a mom. Before motherhood i was happier and now the life is sucked out of me. I love my daughter she’s my world but it’s hard. I feel guilty and ungrateful. It’s miserable being stuck.

  16. I’m not depressed all the time(sometime ) …but I moved to Asia 2 years ago and just had my first baby 5 months ago I’m 23 now and where I live we don’t really go out and I can’t speak Chinese or Malaysian and I have totally no friends here …? I miss home or at least going out to pay a bill,shopping alone..Etic or just hanging out with a friend…sometimes I get soooo frustrated !

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