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My rant on reactions to being a Stay at Home Mom

Here is my rant on the negative I get on being a stay at mommy. Sorry if I offend. Hard not offend with this topic.

My rant on being a Stay at

20 thoughts on “My rant on reactions to being a Stay at Home Mom

  1. I’m so tired with one 13 mo and 8 yo stepson and you have 6 kids running
    around trashing the house and someone dares to criticize? You’re doing a
    great job, your house is amazing considering you work MORE THAN FULL TIME.
    I always say to my (very supportive friend) that karma would be nice – if
    one of my friends would for a few years have to be a stay at home mom. She
    works full time and sees her daughter for just a couple hours a day just
    like your friend does, and then she does the cry it out and complains
    because she’s ‘tired’ after all day’s work. And what do I do? Nothing? I
    don’t get to get a manicure, pedicure, like she does, moreover, I don’t get
    to have a lunch break and I don’t have time to pee!. I get to clean up
    constantly, I don’t get sick-leave, I just lay my tired ill body on the
    floor if I have strep throat and let my baby jump on me while my fever goes
    down lol.

  2. You tell them! I so agree. I work from home making more money then I ever
    have outside of the home but still people think I do nothing. It’s
    annoying. I’ve always thought the being a stay at home mom was the most
    important job ever and still do. Our society wouldn’t be the way it is if
    women would have stayed home. Be proud of what you do! It’s the best and
    hardest job in the world! 

    1. This is me, too. I’m a work at home mom, but people still see at as ‘lazy,
      stay at home, spoiled mom.’

  3. Amber Young, my mom was exactly like you and I grew up knowing she didnt
    want me my entire life. You would be doing your son a favor by giving him
    to someone that will treat him like the gift that he is.. Some people
    should not be parents and you are one of them.. Quit worrying about
    everyone else and let this child that you resent so much be raised by
    someone that deserves him that will love him.

  4. The last person that told me how lucky I am to stay home and how she
    “wishes” she could do the same has literally been on 5 vacations THIS year!
    We don’t even go out to dinner! It’s a tremendous sacrifice but I do it
    because I believe it’s what’s best. Also, the comment pertaining to having
    to do “both jobs”… I am sure being a working parent comes with it’s own
    set of unique and even equal challenges but working parents who; as you
    said see their children maybe 2 hours a night before bedtime are not doing
    the same job as a stay at home parent. I’m not saying either is better or
    worse easier, or harder, it’s just not the same. My MIL told me that my SIL
    who works an obscene amount of hours will be doing “everything I do AND
    working” she has one day off a week to clean, do laundry, rest and take
    appointments how much of that ONE day will she be spending with her child?
    The two cannot be compared. Stay at home parents are always on duty. I had
    much more free time when I was working to run errands, pay bills etc and I
    had money. Wouldn’t trade it for the world but it’s not easy. 

  5. I am backing you up girl. Some people just don’t get what it means to be
    with children, taking care of children and teaching children all day. The
    noise the being needed and having to have your attention on them all day is
    exhausting. I am a german teacher and I worked with all ages from 0-12. I
    love it. It’s rewarding in a very special way, but everyone who thinks it’s
    easy or says we sit around and drink coffee all day is so wrong. They have
    no clue how important it is for the “safety” of the children to take your
    moments and calm and refuel. I am applauding you for the job you do. I
    don’t know how you can do it all day without a break. I think I couldn’t.
    But with the cleaning up after the kids I have to say. It is hard, but when
    you train the kids to at least help or clean up themselves at the end of
    the day or certain times in between (no matter what age) you are doing
    yourself a favor in the long run. One just has to have the appropriate
    expectations for the kids. Usually kids exceed my expectations. Stay strong
    and proud. You should be. Sarah

  6. YOU do not have to explain ANYTHING to ANYONE , mostly yourself !! You are
    a delightful lady & you have a beautiful family & home, ALL that matters,
    is what is BEHIND your front door , love & family !! My greatest
    accomplishment is being a mother .. AND let me tell you something else I am
    a teacher & YOU do BOTH jobs !! God bless you darlin , when you hear those
    voices, SAY SHUT UP, NOT my circus NOT my monkeys !! ;)

  7. People always judge. Stay at home mom’s are “lazy” or “using their
    husbands”. Working mom’s “abandon their kids” or “neglect their duties as
    mothers and wives”. Single mothers “should have thought about that before
    they has kids with that man” and “shouldn’t expect help”. But when you
    struggle to maintain a relationship, especially one that may not be working
    too well, you get based too “why stay if you aren’t happy” and “the kids

  8. Guess what-on the opposite side of the world (here)- TOTALLY THE SAME! if I
    can undo myself to explain myself.
    This is great video, I love your channel, take care and many blessings!

  9. Thanks for having your channel! I am home with my two kids- a 4yr old and a
    16 month old. There are plenty of times I tell my wife that she is lucky to
    work and be out of the house. I thought I would hear more of the you do
    what, comments, but I tell people up front what I do. I also run my own DJ
    business in which I do 40 weddings a year and various other parties. I am
    more tired some days after having my kids than when I used to work 2 jobs.
    The emotional drain on top of the lack of adult conversation can get to be
    too much. Needed a pick me up tonight- son has RSV and daughter has the
    same cold- nebulizers and non-stop coughing for the past week have me
    running on fumes. 

  10. I don’t get why it’s such a controversial topic. Stay at homes moms “work”
    too. If one chooses to stay at home until their children go off to school
    and then decide to “work” outside of the home for $ then good for them. Why
    not? How is it anyone’s business? If you choose to home school and stay
    home with your children until they go off to college, Again, why is it
    anyone’s business. Since when did it become such a bad thing to actually
    take care of your own children? If you have the opportunity to stay at
    home with your children you should take it. If you feel guilty about “not”
    contributing financially then babysit other children. Work from home. There
    are a lot of things you can do. However, a stay at home should NEVER feel
    guilty about staying home with their children; and those that try and make
    them feel guilty should be ashamed of themselves. The same goes for those
    who want or have to work outside of the home and need to drop their
    children off at daycare or at school. It’s your decision to make. Its no
    one business! Who cares!?! Why is this such an issue? Our focus should be
    on other more pressing things such as war, ending world hunger etc.There
    will always be someone who has something negative to say and that won’t
    always agree with you. Miserable people always have something to say.
    Misery loves company. Let’s thank God for stay at home moms because they
    are the ones that help out those moms who have to go work outside of their
    home and provide a more affordable way to do so. Daycare centers cost more
    and don’t provide what a stay at home mom can provide.Think about it. I’ve
    been that working out of the home mom and that stay at home mom who also
    works. I have had to go to work out of need and I have had the opportunity
    to stay at home. ALL Moms are Superheros!

  11. I get that reaction a lot “Wow, you stay home? Must be nice”. Luckily, I
    haven’t had any negative reaction from people yet. Actually now that I
    think about it, the only negative reaction I get is from my parents. Just
    like your mom, my mom is also a working mom.

  12. what really rattles my cages is the comment ‘ oh I couldn’t do that, I want
    my own money and I would hate to ask my husband for money’. First of all,
    my husbands earnings is for our house and for our use. If the I, the kids
    or husband needs something it is bought from our income. If I wasn’t at
    home he would have to pay someone to do my job as a mother. I do not have
    to ask him for any money because its ours to begin with, no questions or
    explanations needed. Secondly , actually in my house I run the complete
    budget from mortgage, bills, grocery, birthdays , Christmas and extras. I
    have managed to up our payments on our mortgage with clever frugality and
    am on track to finish the mortgage 5 years earlier in time for our kids
    starting college. So my husband is very grateful and trusting when he more
    or less gives me the pay check. Its not that you couldn’t do it, its you
    don’t want to do it because you would have to invest full trust into your
    husband and marriage to be a sahm.

  13. someone said to me once “You’re a stay at home mom wow you’re lucky” my
    response ………….. “yes I am lucky and very happy” I dont others put
    me down for my families choices sand happiness

  14. Thanks for this rant! I stayed home with my 3 kids for 14 years and only
    went back into the workplace because my husband had just lost his job and
    we had decided that he should start his own business. I went back to work
    so we could have a health plan to cover us in the event of an illness.
    I hated it! I wanted to be home to greet my teenage kids after school, help
    them with their homework, teach them to cook, etc.!
    And I was always getting the glazed eyes from women who found out that I
    worked at home. Like I wouldn’t be able to carry on an intelligent
    conversation! Crazy!
    Anyway, thanks again for the rant. It needed to be said. Good for you!!!

  15. my wife stays at home and takes care of our 4 kids.i would never want to
    add any more work on top of that it would be way too hard for her! tell
    your husband your getting rid of the day care kids and just focus on yours.

  16. Try being a stay-at-home-wife with no children! I’m 57 now and widowed, but
    when I was young, that’s what I did. I would hear “Must be nice” I said it
    is, “What do you do all day?” I said everything. Then later, I went to work
    and was asked “Why do you even work, your husband makes good money for just
    2 people” Can’t win with some people. Just do what’s good for you and your
    family because that’s what matters.

  17. Thank you for the video. I love staying home with my kids. Raising kids to
    be good human beings is the most difficult responsibility in the world.

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