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Stay At Home Mom Depression | How I Handled It

Stay at house mother anxiety is never ever simple! Assistance is here:

My name is Cherisse, and much like you, I'm a stay at house mama. I have a lovely 3 years of age daughter name Alyssa, and she's my pride and happiness! I like my child very much however much like you I sometimes discover myself getting a bit depressed. The feared remain at house mama depression sneaks in, sometimes I discover it difficult to stay focused, as I tend to get stressed with all the work that needs to be done, or if my child is not listening to me or just being down right naughty it has the tendency to lead to anger then anxiety.

If that occurs to you, then just know that you are not alone, lots of women just like you and I suffer from anxiety from time to time, but there are ways that you can eliminate it. The other day, my child got home from pre-school and the entire evening she was "I want my mommy" …" I want my mommy", bear in mind, I was actually 5 yards away from her, so she clearly saw me, however I think she was having among her minutes!

The problem was I too was having one of my minutes, so I was not in the state of mind for any young child meltdowns, but I needed to suck it up and stay strong for my child girl and eventually she snapped out of it, and things went back to regular and I had time to "breathe once again".

Stay A House Mother Depression: How I Overcame It

For me exactly what has assisted me overcome my anxiety has actually been blogging and doing videos. I've in fact found a truly great way to do this as a hobby, as well as make some cash at the very same time. I signed up with a program called Empower, where I had the ability to setup my own blog site and just basically write about anything that entered your mind, anything trending in the news, it truly didn't matter.

I have actually always had the itch to start my own company too, and the course rundown that was covered as part of my subscription with Empower aided with that as well. It truly is a terrific resource for anybody wanting to snap out of depression as there is a lot motivational and inspiring details in the members location, so I would suggest you consider that a shot if you're a stay at home mother like me, and get that depressed sensation from time to time.

Whenever I get that "depressed sensation" I take a listen to one of the inspirational videos, and it assists me acquire some viewpoint. It really does work, and it doesn't harm that I can make some extra earnings by becoming part of the network also.

I have actually included a link here at so you can check it out. It will ask you for your name, and e-mail address, simply input that information, and you'll get forwarded to the video presentation that goes over everything. You'll want to watch this video, it altered my life and it can alter yours too.

So up until next time … be blessed … not depressed:-RRB-.

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5 thoughts on “Stay At Home Mom Depression | How I Handled It

  1. Thank you for sharing. I realize, Jamar, that this probably won’t change
    your mind but its worth a shot. If your going to post rude comments like
    that you should really know at least what your talking about. Hundreds of
    years ago families lived near thier extended family for the most part as
    well as they had hired help the majority of the time. If you’ve never lived
    the life as a stay at home mom in a culture that looks down upon stay at
    home moms and moms often don’t have much help then you don’t really know
    what your talking about. If you “think” you know then its just pride.

  2. awww! I’m a homeschool Mom as well! I hope that you are getting through it
    well 🙂 🙂 I’m new to your channel! subbed 🙂 🙂 would you mind
    subscribing back? thanks

  3. thank you i deal with extreme mood swings from ptsd n depression and i have
    1 year old that i stay @ home with all day with no family support bc they
    all deal with sickness i feel sometimes she has ticks bc imstressing her
    out idk what else to do but act happy around her so she’ll learn to be
    happy but i feel fake

  4. Thank you for sharing . I was feeling to sad and down and thought maybe
    this is because what I do . It helps to know I’m not alone . Thanks again

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