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Ways I Save / Earn Money Being a Stay-at-Home Mommy!

We did the math…well, my husband did the math! It just didn't make sense to go back to work. I wouldn't have been making any money and it may have even COST me money to go back. Staying home and running a daycare has given us financial freedom, our dream home and it has allowed me to spend everyday with my girls. I am so thankful, but not lucky! I work hard to make my situation work.

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  7. U r doing the most important job in the world. Working towards raising kids
    is fulfilling and your kids are citizens of tomorrow and we need more
    moms/dads who think like you. Good job!!

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  9. I saw a story on CNN and Headline News about how married women who work
    (and happen to not be the breadwinner in the family) are not actually
    contributing to the family income. They said in the news clips that after
    budgeting the average salaries of both the husband and wife and then
    subtracting the expenses and utilities the amount of money she brings in
    disappears while his money barely gets taken for the cost of the expenses
    and utilities and such. So in all actuality, her working really isn’t worth
    it. When I was working that’s what was happening to me and my husband. It
    sort of made me mad. Now I’m glad to be a stay at home wife, and I’m
    learning to be frugal a lot. I’ve become so frugal, that most of my hair
    and skin care products are homemade, except for shampoo, conditioner and
    body wash–but I’ll be working on making those pretty soon!! Love the video
    by the way!! :D

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    3. +Sharon Smith You could reverse the roles and make the husband stay home.
      Why do they assume its the womans money that’s useless.

    4. +Dallas Ball
      Because it’s already been proven that men and women still arent’ being paid
      the same for the exact same job. Besides, why would I leave him home, when
      he isn’t really good with taking care of the kids.

  10. And think about: where I used to live $2000/mo are a lot of money. A lot of
    people make around $1000. Most of us needed a second job. And that is true.
    With that amount, families who have about 2 small kids, they are paying to
    go to work, or at least break even.

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