home Mommy Jobs Online Why is Laundry only a mother’s job? Dads #ShareTheLoad (Hindi) – Ariel

Why is Laundry only a mother’s job? Dads #ShareTheLoad (Hindi) – Ariel

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Are we passing gender roles that haven't evolved with the times? Every woman has two jobs- one the office and the other home. She multitasks and handles both almost single handedly! It’s time to understand why. Share your thoughts with !

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Why is only a mother’s job? Dads #ShareTheLoad (Hindi) – Ariel

38 thoughts on “Why is Laundry only a mother’s job? Dads #ShareTheLoad (Hindi) – Ariel

    1. clearly you do not understand how things work in India. With 1 billion
      people you can’t comprehend the basic concept of supply and demand? Labor
      is cheap and having maids and domestic help is common in India. I suggest
      reading up a little before commenting

  1. TO ANY GUY WHO WATCHES THIS, this ad is nothing more than male bashing and
    guilting tactics.
    Don’t blindly accept what the media tells you. Think for yourself. Most
    houses have maids if both the husband and wife work. This particular
    scenario might have been true in the previous generation but that’s because
    women mostly stayed at home and men went out to work.
    Most men in this generation know how to cook and how to take care of
    BTW, laundry is the most overrated household chore of all time.

    1. +himalay majumdar
      Ah yes, thats very true.
      But I also dont know how the culture in India is.
      But I believe this had would be a lot truerer if apeared in tvs 20 years

    2. Im not aware of the situation in serbia, but in India, women do not do all
      the jobs that men do by choice. In fact, when given the choice, women
      choose jobs which will give them a desk job – usually IT/ bio related
      field. Rarely have i seen women applying for jobs like the ones in the
      power sector, coal mines, etc.

  2. The only people who see this as “male bashing” are people who clearly do
    not understand the concept of this video. You people need to sort
    yourselves out. The only reason you see this as male bashing is probably
    because you’re still living under your mum’s skirt. Go out and start doing
    something for yourself and become independent.

    1. You should start by slapping your dad for putting your mum through all of
      it. He should have come home after working 10 hours a day and done house
      hold work. What a dead beat father you had.I feel sorry for you

    2. I’m really anti-SJW and I just saw this as a sweet and arguably progressive
      video that’s trying to softly change unfair ‘norms’ surrounding household
      chores… 😛

    3. Guys please can you tell me what the father in the ad is saying in English
      ? i need it for school assignments please <3

    4. +Constant Throwing How is is unfair when women back in the day did not work
      outside? It was men who did primary work outside. These days it is no
      longer the norm and that is fine but the ad is incorrect.

  3. This is true in India. Happens in every household. I was lucky I my Dad
    helped around a lot. That’s why my first question to any an interested in
    marrying me is : Can you cook, do laundry? & they look at me as though I am
    an alien of some sorts.

    1. I love to be a house husband,not having to pay any bills or with all the
      financial issues and needs taken care of,watching TV all day and playing
      games and chatting with friends,shopping and playing with kids.If any woman
      is interested please contact me,Ill be a very nice house husband.Conditions
      apple:wife must have 3BHK flat,a car,high paying job,house fully furnished
      with all appliances like washing machines,dishwasher…etc,must help out
      doing household chores when she is at home,If possible can hire a house
      maid,…thank you 🙂

  4. Can you see what is wrong in the two sentences below?

    “to help your mom with household chores”
    “help out with the laundry”

    You do not “Help” your wife with the household chores. It is a shared
    responsibility to do them.
    When expressing yourself like the above two sentences you still put the
    responsibility of the chores on the woman/wife.

    Stay above the line. TAKE RESPONSIBILITY.

    1. +BRBallin1 The point is that it almost never happens.
      And that the reverse happens just as frequently.

  5. This is so horribly prevalent in modern Indian households it’s ridiculous.
    My own sister(who has a job in a very difficult to get into IT company) is
    supposed to do household work and bring her husband food on a plate even
    though that guy never lifts a fucking finger. Most friends of mine only
    think of their mother’s cooking or have it ingrained in their heads that
    mothers and women do all the work. It sickens me to no end. Any guy who
    actually thinks this is male bashing, take a look at your own household and
    count the number of times you helped do the dishes, wash clothes or oversee
    what a maid does instead of your mother doing it. I highly doubt you’ll
    have ever done that.

    So share the fucking load and the next time someone(read mom/gran) tells
    you to leave the plate on the table coz some maid or woman will pick them
    up and take them to the kitchen. Be a human and put them there yourself.
    Stop trying to be a victim and learn to look after yourselves.

  6. Loving the irony. The whole point of this ad is to sell more washing powder
    to women. Brilliant.

  7. There is nothing wrong in sharing work when we share life equally with
    wife. It is very ironical in society. A chef never steps into kitchen to
    help his wife,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, but lets not see this add
    in commercial way

  8. best ad ever….. all credit to the writer….salute this ad…hope some
    men learn from this ad

  9. The win at Cannes was well deserved. I only wish Pakistani ads could come
    1% close to yours.

  10. Hats off to Ariel for making such an ad, it needs courage to speak up for
    gender equality in a mail dominated society.

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