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Data Entry Workers Needed + Payment Proof

Worldwide jobs here
Non phone jobs here …

Hiring data entry keyers to work from immediately. Please apply online here Read all the details about working from for SigTrack here …

app and hiring posted on the weekly job section here …

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Data Entry Workers Needed + Payment Proof

52 thoughts on “Data Entry Workers Needed + Payment Proof

  1. Thank you. I’m signing up for your website now. Your channel gives so many
    leads. I want you to know there are those of us who appreciate it even when
    we don’t comment.

    1. +TreScotts1Fan You are so sweet and thoughtful to leave me your comment. I
      just wanted you all to know that I do not take my viewers, subscribers,
      watchers or new subscribers for granted at all. Without your support, I am
      nothing. Thank you again.

    2. +Workersonboard Hello Alicia, Hello, my name is Melinda I live in
      California, I am trying to skype with sigtrack. Not sure if i search for
      the right company in skype. In the search button of skype I typed
      allieddata.idverify and what came up was…Allied Data in Rancho Cucamonga,
      CA. US. Am i skypying the right company?

  2. Thanks so much for taking the time to help and give information a lot of us
    are needing. Thanks for always showing proof of payment.

    1. +lisa tyne You are very welcome. I want to do it so that others will have
      confidence in knowing that these sites are legit and really do pay. Thank
      you so much for your support and for watching. I really appreciate each and
      every one of you so much.

  3. Thanks for all you Alicia! Just a heads up Sigtrack requires that you have
    dual monitors in order to achieve optimal productivity.

    1. +Kwyeuht Storm There is a webinar today at noon central. I mess up on voter
      registrations – among other things.

    2. +Kwyeuht Storm I went to their Hipchat page and printed out the CA forms,
      name issues, and address issues documents. However when I enter the dash –
      to enter a def code system was only accepting 0. Good thing the webinar is
      one hour away.

    3. +Kwyeuht Storm The webinar was long and useful. Presenter was busy with us
      and business stuff. P.S. Saved personal copy on that webcam I bought for
      the Skype ID verify. Screen capture would have been better.

  4. most of your gigs are not avalable in my country!!!! i love your work but i
    need help that can you find out work for indian people??? thanks miss!! 🙂

    1. +Sajid Shareef also, Try Sutherland Global Services and American Express
      both have plenty of jobs in India.

    2. +Sajid Shareef This is legit for indians and believe me you will not regret
      to join thebestprofitsystem. com/epsadcopy1

    1. +Melinda Contreras And continue to message, by typing in data and that you
      are waiting, he will get around to you.

    2. HEY!! Tevin I like to leave info but is this the right company before I
      gave out my info?allieddata.idverify

  5. I have been trying since November to do my video chat with SigTrack and
    still no luck. No one is ever available during 12pm-6pm Central like the
    site shows. Any suggestions?

    1. Go on the website and and find the skype Id. it should be
      allieddata.idverify …. leave a video message with you Full Name, Paypal
      email and also a showing of your face and ID as well. … also type these
      things in the skype chat for him to see. He responded to me about the next
      day because I kept messaging him. he should let you know that he will email
      you a password. after receiving the password follow the instruction on the
      site to download the software. after that, find a way to watch and join the
      webinars, only fifty people can join so be up there on time, you will a get
      a visual tutorial of what you are supposed to be doing. which is really
      helpful. The webinars are under “daily bullentins” and I think there are
      some almost everyday.

    2. +Tevin Marshall
      Tevin, can you please tell me if the state ID is considered your company
      TAX ID #? I am trying to get started and just want to get information

  6. What is Realistic from sig track…..sounds good!

    During the first few days, you may not make much money. For most users,
    getting to 250-350 signature tags per hour is a reasonable half-week goal.
    After a few weeks of consistent usage, a small number of users reach 500
    per hour with high accuracy. Once qualified to peer review, you can make
    even better money.

    All of this assumes you have the right equipment. Without a dual monitor
    setup, such numbers are unattainable.

    1. +LovelyFlower44 Here are a few issues you are going to see. The workflow is
      hit and miss. A lot of work then no work. You got to hit the work fast
      because everyone is data sharks finishing the work quickly. Also, you will
      not have a lot of points to dispute peer reviews. You have to build up your
      points and I have wasted mine. The peer reviewers get paid to find your
      mistakes. They are experts. Also, you need to figure out the system and be
      98% accurate with 10,000 entries within 30 days and the company will pay
      for the Filemaker software you use.

    2. +mrconsignment
      I’m not sure I understand this, a little different from the home work I
      currently do which is mainly customer service. I’m looking for supplemental
      income.. so they provide the work and we have to enter it promptly. and
      they check for accuracy, is that how we got paid?

    3. +Smonique333 You check documents like petitions and voter registrations.
      The hard part is figuring how the system is setup. You get paid by piece.
      There are terms for each job. The terms spells out the pay.

    4. +Smonique333 It is not for everyone. Very temporary. Very uncertain
      quantity of work and you cannot setup a schedule because the work may
      arrive in the morning, afternoon or evening. I wanted to know what this
      company was doing, make a youtube video, and find out the real story.

  7. so i upload my SELFIE of me and friends and they pay me some pennies.. Then
    I go to Germany or somewhere on vacation and see my photos ETC? That’s BS
    seriously Are you CRAZY?hat are they doing with the selfies? that’s not
    enought money Feicia

  8. I have been following you over the last 3 to 4 months but I cannot find any
    work at home jobs could you please help me find one

  9. You have been doing this for years. You are so detailed and accurate! I
    appreciate you so much! Thank you. Please put your referral information for
    those times I need to copy and just paste it in for you to get credit.

  10. If you have a active FACEBOOK account and you need money like asap for
    those bills (we don’t ever want), comment. This is free.

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