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How to earn money at home from Digitize India by govt(legit/genuine)

In this video I will show how you can contribute in the Digitized India initiative of the Govrnment of India and earn money.

Govt of india is providing works for the people of indians without any investment. Our P.M Narendra Modi has introduced digitize india programme for that purpose all the documents which are in hardcopy has to be changed into dmat form. So govt is giving an opportunity to all indians to work online.
for this you need to have..
1.) typing skills
2.) aadhar card no. of the candidate
3.) bank a/c linked with aadhar
4.) email
5.) phone number.

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26 thoughts on “How to earn money at home from Digitize India by govt(legit/genuine)

    1. Your earning is calculated based on the number of correct words you type.
      You will be assigned one reward point for every character in the correct
      words. You can redeem every reward point for 2 paisa.

    1. if you have done with task dont worry in dashboard it will show everything
      zero just wait for one day to let it be updated and it will show your task

  1. For one correct word we get 1 reward, and for one reward we get 2 paise.
    e.g. if you have 2500 rewards. so then you will get Rs 50.After one day,
    the rewards will show. And you can redeem your money after one month.´╗┐

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