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6 Work at Home Jobs That Are Pretty Easy 2017

6 work house that are pretty simple for 2017. Go to for video notes, associated content, and valuable resources.
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In this video, you will learn more about 6 work at home that are quite simple to do for 2017. More and more people appear to be wanting to ditch the work commute, save money, and enjoy their way of life more by house. That being said, you might somebody who doesn't wish to go and start a company right now, if ever. To keep the structure of a task while still being able to work home is something that is definitely possible these days with all the internet careers that have actually been produced. I'll reveal you a few excellent options that can create this way of life for you without requiring a lot of degrees or previous experience in the field. Take pleasure in the video and let me know exactly what you believe in the remarks below!

6 That Are Pretty Easy 2017

53 thoughts on “6 Work at Home Jobs That Are Pretty Easy 2017

  1. Convergys is a situation where you would have to get hired by a normal process, go through weeks of at office training with otber new hires, work on tbe PHONES AT THE CALL CENTER and THEN put your name on a waiting list to do any kind of at home chat. it’s a highly coveted position and the likelihood of actually possibility for that position is rare.

    1. not true I worked for Convergys as a retention specialist for At&t. I never step foot in a call center I trained all from home in a virtual class room

    2. Kevin Agnes actually it is true. you were one of the lucky few who actually got to work from home. when I started at Convergys I trained for 3 weeks in a classroom environment and then 2 weeks on the call center floor taking calls. I have since been told that they don’t really hire for work from home.

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  2. The transcribe me site seems almost like a waste of time. They claim to pay $20 per audio hour and are very vague about how much work will be available. To top it off, they say they will only give you clips of about a minute each to transcribe. So it could potentially take two to four hours to get one hours worth of audio to transcribe which is not worth the effort unless you literally have time to waste and want to make some money out of it.

  3. There is no link to notes, just your general website and even scanning the website, I cant find the related article. Try using he direct link to the article rather than general website.

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  4. be careful with upwork there are a lot of scam artists on that site and upwork will look the other way when you ask them for help.

    1. Matadorstudio Yep and if like me you get a few in a row and report them you will be punished by UpWork by removing your account and any funds you had will be held from you. UpWork was not a good experience for me and despite my qualifications and positive work reviews i was ultimately blocked for reporting fraudulent offers.

  5. Thank you for taking the time to give us all the detailed information. I love the fact that you are calm and clear and do not rush through the information.

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    1. ROTFL……you have 3 jobs? Do you know why? BECAUSE YOU AREN’T MAKING ENOUGH $$ ONLINE!!! Don’t look now Edward but you just proved my point. Reply back but I’ll delete it without reading. You young people just never get it. Now type something I will never read (make it long)

    2. Where exactly do you see a get rich quick scheme? Did you even watch the video?
      Working online is really WORKING, not sitting and waiting for money. There’s nothing quick or easy about it.
      But yeah I kind of knew you were above 45. Time has ran you over my friend

  6. Another idea for your viewers…I’ve been an insurance idustry insider for years. Unlike the “olden” days, insurance company underwriters are now working primarily out of their homes. Not a career where you just “jump-in”..a lot of training is required, but one’s salary can be in that $35-$50k range. The ins. industry is always looking for good underwriters. Also, since you’re an employee of that company, all costs associated with starting are paid for. Just an idea.

    1. nitajones888. – Visit with various insurance companies to see if they have any positions open. Insurance companies come in ALL “shapes and sizes”. National companies to more regional size companies. Life/Health to Property/Casualty companies. Also, if you have any internal contacts with a company, that can be very beneficial! Good Luck!!

  7. You should be super proud of yourself. Your videos are sooo useful. I’ve watched 5 in a row and I feel as though I’m better off in life. I’ve signed up for apps that make you money from PayPal and I’ll be looking for a transcription and data entry jobs via indeed. Thank you

  8. Dude you’re the worst, most irritating, lethargic, voice over person…. This video is such a fucking drag, only because of the way he drags and speaks…

    1. Aditya Singh I disagree. He teaches in a professional and informative way. I find his videos relaxing, helpful and professional. If you want excitement, go watch some gaming videos. Then come back here for ideas on how to start your own real business.

  9. This is super helpful considering that I’m a teacher and we aren’t paid during the summer. I really think I’m going to give at least one of these a try.

    1. Well I don’t know if it’s a texas thing, but if you ask for dispersment of funds throughout the year and not your school year they give you less of course, but you have a steady income through the whole year.

    2. +edward villa​ That’s helpful information. Texas is a great place for teachers anyway. Their average salary is higher than states like North Carolina, Maryland etc.

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  10. You should be more enthusiastic… first 30 seconds i lost interest of watching the video….

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