Being A Stay At Home Mom

Let's not make this about exactly what makeup I'm wearing (or not wearing). I do have Zoya America on my nails, though.:-RRB-.

I 'd like for this to be a conversation starter-so let me know exactly what subjects you 'd like for me to talk about more in-depth!

National organizations/mom things to do:.
Mamas Club.
Moms of Preschoolers (MOPS).
Junior League (yes, I remained in Jr.
The Little Fitness center. YMCA (A wonderful resource & location to go).

Where else to discover me:.
My blog site:.

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27 thoughts on “Being A Stay At Home Mom

  1. thank you for sharing your experiences. it helps me alot as a stay at home
    mom with like zero friends (that’s my fault) but still has an active life
    outside of home. My daughter is 15 months now and I’m officially that stay
    at home mom. I can’t wait to explore new things eventually.

  2. We have a very 1950’s approach to our marriage too. It really works for
    us. However, I would love for my husband to help with dishes. We have 4
    children. I never thought about getting a sitter once a week. That would
    help me so much with our 2 toddlers. Thanks for the idea.

  3. My 15 month old is my boss, and im 6 weeks pregnant with baby #2. I would
    love to volunteer at an animal shelter. But my daughter is a tornado hahaha
    from day 1. I keep telling myself this baby stage wont last forever!!! My
    fianca and i have the same type of relationship, and somedays it sucks. My
    daughter is teething screaming for hours on end and im not trying to throw
    up everywhere lol. Good to know im not the only one.

    1. It will get better, and you might even miss this stage one day!! But this
      is just one stage…the volunteering and other social aspects will come
      later when the kids get a bit older. Try finding a Mother of Preschoolers
      group-it’s a lifesaver!

  4. I am stay home mum and carer for my husband who is very ill health who need
    24 hours care I do everything in the house my son is only one who help me

  5. Ok, this is going to be a lot in a brief paragraph. I am an east coast
    baptist raised girl with an associates degree, married to a west coast,
    “Mormon raised” atheist warrant officer 2 of 12 years in the army. This is
    my first duty station & we have both been married once before. He never
    officially asked me to marry him, never actually proposed. I guess we just
    beat around the bush about getting married b/c I got pregnant. Once my son
    was 6 months old I got pregnant again (again, not on purpose). So I’m in a
    new marriage, new life, new role, new place, two kids under two and our
    marriage is at times dysfunctional and I don’t really have a support
    system. The other wives on my street are wives of captains, special forces
    officers, and majors. I don’t really fit in with these women. They are
    strong women with masters degrees and have strong, supportive families. I
    don’t have that, and barely have a successful marriage. I suffer from
    clinical depression & prob seem like a hopeless cause.

    1. Maybe get on the pill? “SAHM’s” need to realize that their decisions have
      consequences. I paid $35 last month just on BIRTH CONTROL PILLS! anyone
      care to refund me with the extra money you get in tax refunds for having a
      baby? Part of your extra $10-15k extra?!

    2. Alicia, thanks for sharing your story. I’m sorry life seems pretty
      overwhelming right now. You CAN make small changes. Don’t beat yourself
      up-just make the decision to do one positive thing a day!

    3. I want to say I really appreciated this video, and I took notes. I wish I
      could turn my life around and be so strong and successful.

  6. hi marnie. I too was a stay at home mum from the age of 17 until I was 50,
    in that time I was blessed to have 5 sons and 1 daughter. I loved my time
    at home and although I got some comments on it on the whole most people
    were quite envious I could be at home. I chose to do without a lot of stuff
    my working friends had but really looking back it was only the odd girls
    spa break or a shopping trip to London. I’ve been working 6 years and love
    it but I know I made the best choice for me and my family and I’ve no
    regrets. Feel very proud Marnie your boys will be away before you know it.

  7. Thank you for this video. I am a mother of three young daughters and have
    worked full-time (and then some) for the past 6 years of being a mother. I
    am quickly approaching the stay-at-home/work-at-home status and I am so
    scared. Scared of losing my identity – my skillset – my connections….
    your words spoke to me. Thank you for sharing – I found it very reassuring!

  8. This is the video that first introduced me to you when I saw it a few
    months ago. I have recently made the decision to stay at home with my kids
    (11, 14 & 15). I just have a few clients I need to finish up with and then
    I am done! I was lucky enough to have control of my schedule so I have been
    the room parent many times, been in the PTA, helped with the annual Hoedown
    and also served on the HOA committee in which I also put together several
    social events for the community. I have not been as involved in the last 18
    months or so and I am really looking forward to getting back to giving back
    and getting my kids more involved. Thank you so much for making this video.

  9. Great information on being a stay at home mom, a mom, a wife, a friend, a
    woman, and I like it when you and your husband provide information, too!
    Thank you!

  10. I love your bogs or vlogs, its amazing to me that here I am sitting at home
    in Ireland listening and watching a lady from America talking about exactly
    the same issues, concerns and idea’s. Your advice is very straight forward,
    practical and all very positive which I love. Long story short, I stay at
    home and my husband works, when he comes home ALL TECHNOLOGY is switched
    off and not turned back on until 9pm!!! My husband is a wonderful man but
    he can get distracted, so I am here to help, guidance if you will ha ha.
    Thank you for your boggy things, I love other peoples perspective

  11. I tried volunteering last year in my kids school. It was ok. The reason, I
    stopped, was because going there costs extra in gas. It might sound like
    nothing for some people, but we just can’t afford any extra money going
    anywhere if we can help it. I walked a few times, also walked to pick up my
    kids from school, but the weather is not always nice for that. Instead, I
    focus my time and energy on things that save us money. I raise chickens for
    eggs and meat, garden, do all the housework including cutting grass and
    pool care. I also started youtube to share my tips and tricks on saving

    1. As a former reading specialist, I can’t disagree with you more. It is
      extremely important to read with your child (or have them read to you)
      every night as they’re mastering reading skills. Homework is important for
      all kids to get extra skills practice on what they learned during the day.
      Recess is just as important as classroom work-the kids need to be outside,
      exercise and learn how to socialize with their peers. And you can do the
      work for the teacher during the day while the kids are away if you really
      wanted to do it. It just sounds like you are really busy doing other
      things too.

    2. I guess, I am too busy, because the fact that my kids get homework from
      school, that requires a parent to help them, like reading 15 minutes a day,
      or read the directions for the kindergartner, because otherwise they won’t
      know what to do, because they can’t read yet, just irritates me, because
      they can do all that in school, if they don’t waste so much time, or they
      should only give homework that a kid can do by herself. The older kids can
      do it just fine, but my older kids often say they would rather skip the
      recess in the hot sun, and finish their homework at school to save time.
      When I was volunteering there, I have seen a lot that, when the bell rings,
      kids will line up in front of the classroom door, and then wait for the
      teacher, that is getting her coffee and socializing with others. What a
      waste of time and the poor kids get frustrated.

    3. +My frugal life If you can, it’s always great to try to help out in your
      kids’ class, because it teaches your kids that school is important. I
      always had working moms that couldn’t be in the classroom ask for stuff to
      do at home. I could send home stuff for them to work on for the classroom
      with their child and they’d send it back in their child’s backpack. Maybe
      you could try that-but it sounds like you’re really busy!!

  12. You’re doing good work, people shockingly ignore the increased rate of
    infant death when you hand your kids over to strangers in childcare and the
    psychological damage it can do to a baby that feels its been abandoned.
    They totally ignore the scientific literature on that.

  13. I’m a 24 year old stay at home mom with 6 year old girl , 4 year old girl
    and a 3 year old boy. I appreciate this video very much thank you 

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