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Glimpse of a Stay At Home Mom’s Day

Here is a of my day as a home mom


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24 thoughts on “Glimpse of a Stay At Home Mom’s Day

  1. Kimmy, ok it might have been just the camera angle when you were unloading
    your dishwasher, but to me it looked HUGE [especially the cutlery caddy]!
    Do you mind sharing what manufacturer and model or series it is?

  2. Great video! I love these type of videos so much! Always inspires me to
    clean my own home?❤️

  3. Today I had decided it was going to be ” Flush the format Friday” then I
    watched your video & I’m cleaning out my china cabinet. Thanks for always
    motivating me!

  4. Loved this video. I watched it while I paid my bills! 🙂 That roast looked

    1. +She’s In Her Apron
      do you ever have a off day judt to relax and do you ?
      thanks for the time you take to make these videos.

  5. I was wondering how you did the chicken when I saw your Instagram post.
    I’ll be trying this soon!

  6. I’ve been invited to a Norwex party!!…I didn’t even know it was out over
    in little ol’ England!!…..I’m thinking of going but was hoping you could
    recommend your very faves for me please?? xx

  7. You’re so awesome and real……. God Bless you in all you do! ….. I look
    forward to your videos, you’re very inspiring to us mom…… you’re my
    YouTube girl….. 

  8. There is so much that always need to be done. I can do more on the week
    days but after a day at work who wants to but I think it will be better
    than allowing it to accumulate on the weekend. That was very inspiring fit
    me.Thanks for sharing.

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