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How to afford being a stay at home mom; living off of one income

This video is about my other half and I have learned to construct our lives around one earnings. We live in Southern California and my husband is a teacher. We have 3 kids and we are still able to live conveniently by following a few of these money management principles. If staying at home is a concern for you then there are innovative methods to make that take place and here is what we have done. Thanks for seeing and I hope this helps!

26 thoughts on “How to afford being a stay at home mom; living off of one income

  1. 3rd time watching this since you posted it a while ago. so inspiring. could
    you do an update on how y’all are doing in the trailer? DITL? :)

  2. I loved you video. I’m currently staying at home with my 6 month old baby.
    I also have a 7 and 4 year old. My husband and I are making it with one
    income (his). True you can make it, you are saving money while cooking at
    home everyday, saving on daycare, saving on gas, I never get my nails or
    hair done. How do you deal with people that tell you, you should go back to
    work? I’m a stay at home mom for the first time and I feel attacked by
    family members (his) telling me I should be working. Any one else with this

  3. Smart lady! I thank God that my parents were able to have my Mother stay at
    home,,,,my father worked hard and Mom was a great household/financial
    manager! This video will bless many people and your kids will thank you for
    it,,,,you are a Proverbs 31 woman!

    1. +Talya Rose Huh? No one wants to sit in a fucking cubicle all day. I
      wouldn’t get to go to the beach, blast my music, eat wherever I want, etc.
      I can do whatever I want and live off of my real estate rentals. Anyone can
      do it with a little planning. it’s easy.

  4. Great advices and I totally agree. If I can just get my husband to get on
    the boat but it won’t happen. I’m not being negative but from experience
    and knowing him from 20 years of marriage, I’m alone on this kind of
    passion on minimalistic lifestyle and living on a budget. 😔. Still
    inspiring for me! Thanks! Baby is so adorable!!

  5. great video! I’m a SAHM with a 15 month old daughter. it’s very important
    to make a budget, you’re right!
    I have a YouTube channel and I find it a fun hobby to socialize since I
    don’t get out much.

  6. Minus daycare costs,;gas to and from work;salon visits(nails and hair
    coloring);nicer wardrobe for work;eating lunches out with friends(eating at
    home instead); 3-4 hobbies the kids are involved in; and longer
    vacations(try a weekend here and there) and cooking meals rather than
    premade meals are some of the ways I was able to stay home to raise our
    grandson after raising 5 children who are now all adults and living on
    their own. I was a chef and made a decent income but the desire to be at
    home was greater. We both drive cars in good condition that are ten years
    old and purchase gently used. I shop the sales at end of season rather than
    at the beginning of season. I bake all of our brownies;muffins;cakes and
    cookies and freeze extras. Our grandson plays the trumpet and we purchased
    it used and it is beautiful! I was a hairdresser in my twenties so I do the
    haircuts and do my own manicures. I have only maybe three items to be
    drycleaned twice a year(suits and a dress coat) and we clean our own cars
    (back yard)and home without assistance. I do use a charge card specifically
    for auto and home repairs and repay it at a quick pace. I make extra money
    babysitting for people to go Christmas shopping;weddings;funerals;hospital
    visits and places where they cannot take children with them to similaiar
    events. Our grandson gets an allowance so he can learn to make wise money
    decisions now rather than buy him whatever he wants whenever he wants
    things. With our tax refund, we bought him new bedroom furniture and summer
    clothing and laid down new flooring in our laundry and hallway. I purchase
    new clothing for the three of us twice a year and the total is about
    $1200.00 including linens for our home.I budget for this as well as savings
    for our future. We kept our cellphones and ditched the landline phone and
    saved about $1300.00 a year. We reduced our cable and saved about $1000.00
    a year. We order movies on cable and don’t go to the movies anymore and I
    serve sodas;drinks and aassorted candies for about a tenth the cost. We
    entertain friends and family in our home rather than dining out. I hope
    some of these ideas help you if you are thinking of ways to stay at home
    with your children. It is a sacrifice that has many rewards! May God bless
    you on your journey whatever you decide works for your family.

  7. I LOOOOVE YOU! 😍 I’m not yet a mother but my husband and I both desire for
    me to be home. as of now he’s in school and of course working full time. I
    definitely want to work until we’re out of debt and he’s not out of school
    and we money put away.. definitely looking forward to being a house wife
    again and a future mother. thanks for the tips!

  8. Your videos crack me up! I’m also a stay at home mom in southern california
    who is just starting out on Youtube. Wanna be friends? I just subscribed to

  9. I hope to become a stay at home mom within the next 4-5 years. And your
    advice is just AMAZING! You are a beautiful person and have a beautiful
    soul! I will definitely bookmark this and write down the things you suggest
    and talk about it with my future husband. Budgeting is one of the most
    difficult things for me as I LOVE to travel. Not so much do I care about
    physical possessions and spending on the latest “this” or “that”. But I do
    travel on vacation at least once a year. Wish us luck! I hope to have the
    same success as you someday! <3

  10. This is beautiful! Thank you for your well thought out and encouraging
    words! We have a one month old and this is our goal too – thank you for
    showing me how it is possible :)

  11. Well…I am on the other side as I am the child of a stay at home Mom. My
    father did not make a lot of money but my parents made their budget work.
    I am one of five children so many of the tips you mention my parents
    employed. Staying home with us kids was the best thing my mom could have
    done…even some of my friends note my self confidence and independence and
    without my telling them said ” I know you mom stayed home and invested a
    lot in you!!” You will be blessed by staying home with your kids!!!!

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