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How to Be Stay At Home Mommy (Rant)

I get asked all the time: "How are you able to afford to be a Stay-at-Home Mother"? and I get comments like "I want I might manage to be a SAHM"

I'm going to share with you a few of my preferred ways that I make money as a stay-at-home Mama and a few manner ins which I conserve money too!

Well, here my "Ways to be a SAHM" tirade!!!

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47 thoughts on “How to Be Stay At Home Mommy (Rant)

  1. Two working parents outside the home puts stress on the marriage. Quitting my job saved my marriage. My son was already 13 at the time but I was so glad to have the 5 years at home with him before he went to college. So much less stressful all around.

    1. +ClutterBug I still called myself a “stay at home home” even though my son was 13 at the time, say it proud darling!! Or work at home mom that’s good too! #WAHM love ya Cass! Been watching your channel for a very long time!

    2. I agree it’s stressful but not a lot of families have the luxury of having one parent stay home and the other make enough money to support their spouse, children, and the house, bills, etc. My husband and I are currently struggling right now with stress of having me stay home to take care of our baby because I don’t make MUCH more than the cost of having our son in daycare. So what’s the point, right? We both wish he made more money to support me and be able to pay all the bills himself but it just doesn’t always work like that

    3. +Brooke L hi Brooke have you tried extreme couponing if your not making much more than you would be paying in daycare I would highly recommend doing extreme couponing you’d be able to cut back costs on everyday household items by drastic prices which may help with staying at home. I did that when I would only be making like $100-300 more a month after daycare costs and it allowed me to save tons

    4. +Melissa Emily Yes I used to do a lot of coupon even before I was married, but not extreme. Always finding sales and coupons now but I could always do more especially when I’ll be at home! Thanks 🙂 Yep, I’ll be making about $300 a month after child care costs if I still worked.. Not worth it when I can’t be home with my baby. So I’ll be looking for nanny jobs and couping !

    1. I am a medical transcriptionist from home and have been for 12 years. However, those jobs are not paying that well anymore. I might suggest medical coding and you can go to vocational school and train for that. Coders make more money than transcriptionists and jobs are plentiful.

    2. I was a transcriptionist and converted to coding. I went to our local community college and earned my Associates degree in HIM and now I’ve been coding from home for 4 years, love it and pays much better than transcription.

    3. Wow! Good for you! I’ll be you’re glad you did. I am finally working for a local doctor’s office from home, so I feel more secure because I am hourly with benefits, but I didn’t think I’d ever find that again! How long did it take you to get your coding certification?

    4. I’m an MT too! I work for a specific hospital where I used to work in-office, but then they set us home to work. I’m 15 years and counting, with hopefully many more years ahead, fingers crossed.

    5. Isn’t it great! One thing I don’t miss is the office politics – bleh! I am having issues with my connection today, so days like this can be a little bit frustrating!

  2. I have two small children, and always all my friends say how spoiled I’m to be a stay at home mom. I love being able to stay home but it not like I’m at the spa all day 😂.

    1. LoL seriously. I hate that people think we have it easy coz we can stay home. I wish. I have a house to keep clean and kids to take care of. I’m busy 24/7!

    1. I’m mormon and my husband is catholic. He was watching this with me and laughed at the comment about not having cable and being mormon. He gets a kick out of all the funny things people say about mormon’s.

  3. I’m a SAHM and I only have one toddler for now. You can get hardworking SAHM mommies (read and play, take them on interesting trips, go out to the park or playgroups ) and really lazy SAHM mommies (ignore the kids, watch tv and the house is a tip). Since I feel it’s a privilege these days to be a SAHM I make sure my son gets the most out of it so he’s very lucky.

    If people make comments I say I’m a housewife on holiday all year round. I don’t let it bother me.

    1. Also I wouldn’t consider you a lazy SAHM like myself , hehehe. You’re a WAHM as you earn an income – although since you’re only working from home and not actually going to work this will probably still not be good enough.

  4. I was a stay at home mom not by choice my oldest son has Autism and I could not hold a job while keeping up with his needs. It was not a privilege, we don’t own a home, I don’t have a retirement or 401K. I am finally back at work, and hoping to save for a home. It’s not a privilege, your not spoiled, if anything you sacrifice.

    1. It’s tough! My husband doesn’t make enough to support me and our child but I barely make any more than the cost of childcare so we are deciding what to do. My baby is due Nov 2nd and I may just have to stay home but we will struggle so badly. I would love to find a job to work from home or even be a nanny where I can take my son with me. We rent a one bedroom and clearly with me by working anymore, we can never move out into a bigger place! We can only hope my husband excels with his job and gets raises to help our income

  5. I am a stay at home mom full time, I also go to school. My husband and I have 3 children together and they are 6, 4, almost 2. I did work and while I was working, though short it was, daycare was $18 dollars an hour for our two oldest children. We were going into debt just so I could work a minimum wage job with little hrs. I would not get cleaning, cooking or anything else done. And it was stressful.  I am happier at home with my babies. Making sure that baths, appointments, play dates, meal planning and cooking, bills, office work, cleaning, errands, and quality time was done well. And many more things that need to get done each day. I am up early and get to bed late.

    1. I don’t know how you guys do it! I’m a housewife, for lack of a better word. We haven’t managed to have kids yet, and I’ve got some chronic medical issues… I can’t work anymore. Some days I struggle just to get out of bed or make dinner. Other days I do OK, but I’m always playing catch up… I guess I envy those who are able to do more than me.

    2. +Jenny Penrod Honey, you are doing the very best you can do. Do NOT sell yourself short – I know (without even knowing you) that you are adding positive things to the people around you. On the days that you feel like you get “nothing” done…is for you to rest so the next day, you can get things accomplished. I have MS & I have struggled with getting down on myself when I feel like I’ve been a “blob” on days but now I look at it as charging my batteries. Be good to yourself & take care of yourself 🙂

    3. I bet you do more than you realize. Take great care of yourself, and your husband. Set daily, weekly and monthly goals. Then at the end of the day, keep a journal writing down what you did accomplish that day. Then for the next day’s “To Do” list, add one more thing to it. You will be amazed at what you can do 🙂

  6. I totally understand why it would also be difficult to be a stay at home mom! I’m a 25 year old single mother of twins who works full time. It’s overwhelming sometimes to go home and keep the home clean, exercise four times a week, spend quality time with my girls while maintaining friendships. It’s a LOT! I wish I had a husband who would allow me to stay home during the day. I never wanted that until I saw how hard it was with kids!

    1. Every mother has their own struggles, we shouldn’t be judging each other unless we aren’t treating our children well

    1. I can totally see it though! She has a really fun personality, I can totally see her all decked out in face paint and red nose, having fun and making kids laugh. She’d be awesome, I’d hire her! 🙂

  7. Cass, how about a video (or series) about jobs making extra money? I think this could work for stay at home or working parents as an extr source of income!

  8. I’m so sick of people having to act and feel like martyrs 24/7!..And since when did being a ‘Mother’ become so insignificant!! People really need to change the way they think!! As if letting your kids be raised by someone else, and slaving away, away from your kids is such a more noble thing!!..For what??? so you can buy more things???…..I had to come to the conclusion that I would rather live in a tiny house, eat beans and rice, and actually be there for my kids and enjoy this fleeting time while they are young! Of course we live comfortably and I have found ways to “side hustle’ and work weekends etc! which your right most SAHM do! But I want to feel pride in my choice to be a Mother and a ‘constant’ in my kids lives! Kids deserve that! and SAHM don’t deserve to feel bad about that!!…But I feel like more and more Moms these days are getting the message that they are ‘worthless’ unless they are also working out of the house full time!…lets stop doing this!! And let’s esp stop doing this to ourselves! I know, I nearly fell into that trap!! You Know the one of trying to “prove’ something to the world!…But to your own detriment!! I have three kids..working full time and trying to juggle everything else was too much! like having 2 full time jobs! it was destroying me and my health etc..we all suffered till I decided that I didn’t need to prove anything to anyone any more! At the end of the day! Its your own life to live! and when I really thought about it! what I wanted more that anything was just what I had already! Being there for my kids! Yes we have to sacrifice! There is never much money leftover for extras! but we have our needs met, we don’t rely on anyone else,and we are happy and whole and intact!!..and that is all I could ever need or want!….(Look at my rant!:)

    1. This beautiful life I agree! My mom was a SAHM and my husband’s mom was too. I always wanted that for myself but when I was younger, I still went to school just in case that plan didn’t work out. Now I’m married and we are stable on his income. I’ve worked on starting a business of my own and was finally able to quit my full time day job last September. We want to start a family soon, so my business will then have to take a backseat for a time, but that’s okay. I now have the education in how to run a business and I can pick up where I left off anytime, and at whatever pace I want. Being a SAHM has always been my dream. I never wanted someone else raising my kids for me. No hate whatsoever to the moms who work and have their kids in daycare. No judgement at all. Everyone has to find what works for their own desires and their family. But it’s time that SAHM’s stop getting shamed for being “spoiled” or “old fashioned.” It’s ridiculous. And let’s not forget the stay at home dads. They are just as valuable. And the working dads. My husband is valuable too because he’s working hard so I will be able to be that constant in our future kids’ lives. It’s a perfectly valid rant!

  9. Oh I could have filmed this video myself. I get so sick of it. I work hard making little money here and there and saving my husbands check!

  10. Others can be very uninformed and going off of impressions and not reality. I’m a non income stay at home mom that homeschools 2 kids. I asked an unmarried woman to lunch with some friends and she told me not everyone has a man to pay their bills! I nicely looked her in the eyes and told her no not everyone has that but we are a one income home just like you. I know that person fairly well so I know her anger was not at me but at herself for not having everything she expected in her life by her set time. The working outside the home and working from home mom’s can be very wrong in the way they see non income making mothers. Most non income making mothers I know sacrifice a LOT so they can be home. They live a modest and very frugal life. We don’t all live in gated community with maids, LOL. Thank you for your fun videos. Hugs from one SAHM to another 🙂

  11. Mini rant: I get that daycare is expensive but where I live, (Ontario Canada) daycare providers barely make minimum wage at full capacity (5 kid limit, only two can be under two). Yes it costs you a lot (especially if you have more than one child) but we are not robbing you blind. I would make more money by working as a barista at the local coffee shop (because that’s what I did before I started home daycare) AND it’s longer hours. Don’t get me wrong, I love it! But I think there is a misconception that it is expensive for no good reason.

  12. You are a working Mother. I went through so much criticism for staying home. I like you always worked (Tupperware, daycare, landscaping, alterations, you name it I did it) I was going to college full time also. I took the criticism for years until a family member asked me to pick up their cleaning since I did nothing all day. After I went off on them no one ever said anything again. Stand up for yourself. You are a great role model.
    By the way, I love your videos.

  13. All mothers get judged. It’s sad but true. Stay at home moms get the “Oh, how nice it must be to do nothing all day” treatment and working mothers get anything from “Well I had kids so I could really spend time with them instead of dumping them at daycare all the time” to the full-on “I’m not that materialistic, I would never trade work for time with my kids!” So either you are told you’re a spoiled, lazy, inefficient couch potato who conveniently dumps all responsibility on her partner, or you’re told you are a cold-hearted materialistic money machine who had kids for the wrong reasons and is now unwilling to take proper care of them. Oh, and both sides tell the respective other that they are clearly not willing to sacrifice enough. Because sacrifice is such an important female trait, ugh. The worst part: in my experience, we rather rarely get this stuff from men. We do get it from other mothers all the time. Mothers really must stop validating their own lifestyles by busting other mothers for theirs!

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