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How To Make Laundry Soap and Homemade Fabric Softener

Learn how to make homemade laundry soap and make your own liquid fabric softener with this step-by-step video instruction. Let Rayven Perkins from Stay-a-Stay-at-Home-Mom.com show you this frugal cleaner recipe that will save you money on your laundry cleaner expenses.

Along with home made laundry soap and fabric softener, watch other videos from stay at home guru Rayven Perkins. In her frugal living playlist, you can learn to make other cleaners and personal care products such as fake febreeze, home made all purpose cleaner, shampoo, conditioner, hair spray and even deodorant.

Stop by and learn some fun and easy ways to save money on your household cleaners and personal care products.

31 thoughts on “How To Make Laundry Soap and Homemade Fabric Softener

  1. hello if u interested in DIY kit in making dish washing liquid, fab
    con,disinfectant…guaranteed cheapest price and quality product…

  2. I noticed that when I added the essential oils to my softener, my clothes
    didn’t smell anything like the oils I chose. But for some reason when I
    added 5 drops to the detergent tray when I added my detergent, they smelled

  3. How soft will the softener make the clothes, i tend to use alot because i
    like my clothing to be extra soft so go through fabric softener very

  4. I make laundry soap the same way in smaller batches, and mine is more
    concentrated. I cheat and add some inexpensive commercial laundry liquid.
    The chemicals in the store bought prevent the congealing and clumping that
    sometimes happens with homemade. I also feel the need for some
    surfactants, a chemical that helps get out stains. Its a compromise.

  5. Baking soda neutralizes vinegar in the fabric softener. Peppermint and
    eucalyptus essential oils make a great combination for fragrance in the
    fabric softener. Am I correct in believing that you don’t dilute the final
    laundry soap mixture? You could add washing crystals a capful or less to
    the laundry soap mix to soften water as it’s mostly epsom salts and

  6. Thanks for sharing. Are these DIY products good for HE washers and dryers?
    I have just been using vinegar in my rinse cycle for a couple of years now.
    No extras might try it.

  7. EO is so darn expensive. I rather go with any smell. Or get the pellets.
    Yes, I know they are fabric softener, but in the rest of the mix it lasts a
    long time and worth it for a fraction of the E O price

    1. +CORKY, I came up with a few ways to save and still get good fragrance, as
      long as you don’t mind that it won’t be all-natural! These are DIFFERENT
      1) Double the Purex Crystals! Mix it with equal amounts of Epsom Salts or
      Kosher Salts, from Dollar Tree.
      2) Buy the diffuser necklace set via Amazon for $20. Includes FOUR EO’s and
      they LAST!
      3) Check on Craigslist. Sometimes people sell EOs for like $5/each.
      4) Sometimes Dollar Tree sells Lavender Epsom Salt! Sounds weird, but it
      works in place!
      5) Get the smallest size of your favorite fabric softener. Add half of it
      to the recipe in the video.
      6) Use the other half of your favorite fabric softener to double the amount
      of distilled water ($1/gallon). There’s two ways to try this. See which way
      you like better.
      * Put some in a spray bottle. Spray the inside of the dryer BEFORE loading
      your damp clothes. They’ll come out smelling great.
      * Put some in a container with lid. Dip a couple of BRIGHTLY COLORED wash
      cloths in the solution. Let dry. This will work for several loads. Then
      start dipping parts of them in after each dryer load is done, so they have
      time to dry again, just to refresh.
      I hope you like these ideas. If not, I just found out that Dollar Tree has
      come out with their own generic brand of Downy Unstoppables, and you get
      just as much! They’re getting good reviews, too! I’d start with buying the
      real Downy Unstoppables, then when it’s empty, buy the Dollar Tree one, and
      just pour it into the empty bottle! Apparently they even look the same, but

    1. Yes, you can add fragrance oils too. However, you can get EO @ GNC under
      the NOW Foods brand for a good price.

  8. When I use zote. I use one bar with two cups soda and one borax. Works
    better. When I use fels. I use three because zote is three times smaller. I
    still use the same amount of soda and borax.

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