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I Feel Guilty Being A Stay At Home Mom

I Feel Guilty Being A Remain at Home Mom
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44 thoughts on “I Feel Guilty Being A Stay At Home Mom

  1. Dave’s answer was very empathetic. I love that he told her it’s ok if she decides to stay home.

    1. RisingPro Actually the Bible talks about women taking care of the home but also working to help her husband provide the best things for their family. This can be found in Proverbs 31 when a virtuous woman is being described. In order to know this you would have to read the verses in depth to understand their meaning.

    2. Well that’s a whole other conversation but what this conversation is about what the Bible says, not if its real.

    1. Benton Tong sympathetic towards their spouse and a desire to help, yes. her heart is good but she is doing enough right where she is.

  2. Even if she went back to work, the caregiver for the autistic child would be probably OVER what her new salary would be. Plus 20k isn’t that much on a 65k salary. If they had 200k in student loans, maybe the answer might be different. Either way, good for them! Getting out of debt is the best feeling! Love the Dave Ramsey plan.

    1. thespongepuppy 65k for a family of 4 doesn’t leave much left. Not to mention their 23k of debt is on credit cards, they’re paying a significant amount in interest every month.

    2. thespongepuppy sure it is. my family of four brings in$55,000 and after tackling our$20,000 in debt within a year we still live the same because we want to pay our house off in three years. So we send 2/3 off our income to the mortgage and live off the rest. it can be done! I’m a stay at home mom too. when you want something bad enough, you’ll figure out a way to make it happen!

  3. My heart goes out to her! I think she should stay home, being a stay at home mom is so valuable to her family!

  4. Thanks for calling in Lindsay. I can totally relate! I’m a stay at home mom with two children on the spectrum, and my husband works hard for us too. If you adjust your budget, you’ll find lots of ways to cut back so you can stay at home with your kiddos! Cut restaurants first – you’ll be amazed at how much you’ll save just from that.

  5. How is a family of 4+ going to make a dent in that $23k credit card debt with only one person making $65k a year?

    She needs to figure out how to bring in some income from home.

    1. +2Bad4Grandpa Meh, all I’m saying is that you shouldn’t sacrifice your health for money. Seems like a terrible tradeoff.

    2. +Michael R Well alright never change the mantra, cooking from scratch is cheaper and way more healty.
      All sorts of healthy growing for free on my vegetable patch.
      Now trade offs are not always that bad, specially not if you do them like a couple of years and meanwhile get yourselves out of debt.

    3. Oh and the sacrifice trade off is only temporary going without the convenience of not having to do some planing how and when to spend or save a vew bucks.
      It’s not that you instantly are not healty without having 24/7 some cash to trow away.

  6. I want a stay at home wife. After a hard days work its great to not have to worry about chores and making dinner and to have someone who can care for me when I am sick.

    1. If you are married and your husband does all the moneymaking and you are able to sit home all day and be provided for basically like a child your part of adding value to the marriage is not watching Jerry Springer all day long and figuring ways to blow the money he makes. You have a responsibility to the marriage as a wife either help outside the house or inside the house or stay single.

  7. I was a stay at home mom for 8 years. We all struggle with these emotions. My husband and I decided that it was ok if me being home shifted our retirement back a few extra years. That’s a price we were willing to pay. Also, it was beneficial because we learned to live on his income alone. So now that I’ve returned to work we are able to save my whole paycheck and still just live on his. ☺️

    1. Rhoades Traveled its questionable if it actually set your retirement back. me and my wife crunched the numbers and really if we both worked and sent our kid to daycare even tho we both made a good wage over 60k each per year it wouldnt be worth it. it would be as if one of us was just bringing in min wage and we plan to have 2 more kids… if we had 3 kids ( like we are planning)we would actually be losing money when comparing having one at home and both of us working.

  8. I think her doing real estate part-time is a good idea. She sounds bubbly enough to make good money at it. It’s something she can do on weekends and a few evenings a week, while her husband bonds with their kids. A few good commissions while sticking to a budget could knock their debt out w/in a year or two.

    1. anpvk7 except she would have to go into more debt to get her license. Dave would never recommend that.

  9. parents need to factor in the high economic value that a stay-at-home parent brings to a family. Not only is it the value of not needing a nanny/caretaker but the value of one parent actually being in their children’s lives and being able to impart the values you hold dear into them. I don’t think people factor all that value when they get a life insurance policy or when a parent goes back to work as much as they should.

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