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learn How To Make Glass Cleaner

How To Make Glass Cleaner demonstrates an easy inexpensive way to make your own window cleaner. Knowing how to make your own window cleaner with window cleaner recipes will save you money. Making your own glass cleaner is also a great project to do with your kids as a simple science project.

This glass cleaner recipe is also environmentally friendly as you do not use the harsh chemicals that are found in the store bought brands, and it is just as effective too!

To learn more about making your own glass cleaner, click on the link at the top of this box.

6 thoughts on “learn How To Make Glass Cleaner

  1. I’m switching to more natural cleaning products because of my children. I
    don’t want poisonous harsh chemicals in our home. Thank you for sharing
    this recipe. I look forward to trying it.

  2. hi great vidoe ,I have a question what if to use liquid colour free food
    flavoring intead of essensial oil cous they r much more cheaper?

  3. Great video I have this awesome smelling fragrance oil and it says on the
    bottle it has some essential oil can I still use it or does it specifically
    have to be essential oil ???

  4. I always have a bottle of vinegar and water standing on my counter in the
    corner of fridge and stove. I use it for everything!! Try it on stove,
    counters, sinks, microwave, fridge door/and cleaning out refrigerator
    front of oven and dishwasher even make up some to mop the floor.. its
    wonderful and cheap!!! You don’t have to add any Essential oils unless you
    don’t like the weak smell of vinegar which BTW goes away real fast. I think
    once you see how vinegar and water clean… you 2 will be hooked.

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