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Stay at Home Mom with 2 Kids Under Age 2 (Part 1) -Vlog

Part 2:

Hey Yall! So I decided to vlog my entire day as a new stay at home mom with 2 kids under age 2. My daughter Kaydence is 13 months and my son Karsyn is 5 weeks old. I'm still adjusting to trying to figure out everything, so advice and encouragement is appreciated 🙂

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26 thoughts on “Stay at Home Mom with 2 Kids Under Age 2 (Part 1) -Vlog

  1. My husband is ready for another one. My daughter is 9 months and a part of
    me wanted one too, but after watching this I don’t think I’m ready just
    yet. I forgot how frustrating the newborn stage is and my daughter is
    already getting into EVERYTHING. I’m glad to see you’re doing ok. I
    actually I thought about you the other day, when I was thinking how it
    would be to have another one so close. 

  2. Where the shirt go lol . I love your Vlogs I can relate so much . Me and my
    husband 23 we will be 24 this year. Married 4 and it’s so challenge with
    two kids and one on the way. We have a two bedroom apt the girls share room
    . So baby JAXEN will be in the room with us till the lease up in January :/

  3. Wow. You’re amazing 🙂 I just subscribed to you.. Please do the same as I
    start my Youtube journey!

  4. you are a way better mom than other people i seen in you tube more caring
    and real all a bout the kids good job mommo it will get better 😉

  5. I’m so glad I found this vlog! My son is 6 months old and I just found out
    I’m pregnant again. It seems like it’s just the worse possible time and I’m
    really scared. This vlog really allowed me to see the good that will come
    out of this

  6. I love your channel this video in particular will be me in a few months and
    you are so much inspiration that I can do this. Thank you so much for your
    videos they are so real and provide moms with realistic examples of things
    we can do

    1. +May082010 So glad I can help! You can do it mama! We can adjust to all
      types of things. Now I can’t even imagine having only one 🙂

  7. Awesome video!!!! I am also a stay at home mom. I have a Youtube channel
    and it would mean a lot to me if you can check it out and subscribe. Have a
    great day :)

  8. I just recently became a mother of two. My daughter will be two in June and
    my son is almost a week old. Its been crazy trying to figure out everything

  9. thank you so much for this video I have one two year old and my husband and
    I are about to have another son in August

  10. getting as much done as I can .lol.. gon girl, you are doing a great job!
    I’m new to your channel, and a homeschool Mom as well and love it! would
    you mind subscribing back? Thanks

  11. I don’t have kids hell im not even married yet but love your videos exactly
    what I want for when I have my own family

  12. I commend you as a young mother, one of the things I did with my son when
    he was very young and needed to clean, cook, and keep some type of sanity
    lol I played soft music in the background gospel or I like jazz Kenny G.
    put a candle on it’s soften the atmosphere really it does and keep you and
    the children calm they may even stay asleep longer. I don’t believe in yoga
    or meditation unless it’s meditating in the Word of God. Love your

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