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Stay At Home Moms: Me Time, Guilt, Spending Money

Simply sharing an individual vlog on the challenges of being a stay at house mommy. I enjoy my life very much however being a mom absolutely comes with its challenges.
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23 thoughts on “Stay At Home Moms: Me Time, Guilt, Spending Money

  1. how do we explain to our moms that they should spend money on them selves
    too and not just send money home to India or Pakistan???

    1. +Alia Khan You honestly can’t. I tried for years to convince my mother that
      her extended family was using her. She had family members that had asked
      for money for surgeries they never had, cars they never bought, classes
      they never took, and countless other things over a 27 year period. At some
      point I thought she was tired of the lies and stopped sending money. After
      mom passed away we were shocked to find hundreds of money transfer receipts
      in her office. At the end of the day, it was her money and her choice – I
      just feel guilty that she had to hide it from us. I wish I had been a
      little more understanding that it wasn’t about the money or her relatives –
      It was about HER need to help them out. Maybe it helped her keep a
      connection to the life she had left behind. I guess I will never truly

    2. +Mina Irfan wow same situation we all are dealing with when it comes down
      to our parents sending money to relatives in India and Pakistan 😉

  2. this has been my favorite video. I have felt guilty of putting my older one
    in daycare when I had to work and then started working nights only. I feel
    guilty even when I go out for dinner with a friend… and somehow feel the
    need to come home soon… how crazy !!! thanks for this video

    1. +docpadma I guess guilt is just something that comes with motherhood. We
      will always find something to guilt and obsess over when it comes to our

    2. Hi Mina, I think those of us who have lost their moms suffer more from
      guilt. at least that is true for me. my mother worked all her life and did
      not spend on herself or in my opinion, did not enjoy the money she made.
      She died when I was 11 and did not get to enjoy or see my beautiful life
      and my children.. so I make it a point that I spend money in a healthy
      way.. I also do not work fulltime because of that ( I am a doctor and work
      only two nights a week so that I can be with my kids during ALL their
      waking hours), and try to do everything (read overdo…) . I think a lot of
      the kind of the mother I am is because of this missing piece of my mom in
      my life.. I am trying to balance this as well…

    3. +Mina Irfan If you enjoy reading, I read this book called motherless
      daughters by HOpe Edelman a few years ago which really made sense to me and
      understand some of my mommy behaviors. thanks for this video

  3. Is your oldest son a biological brother to tour other kids. Because you
    said for the first 3-4 years you were a single mom before a stay at home.
    Im alittle confused. But great video. :)

  4. This video was really heartfelt and I can tell this hit close to home for
    u.. Thanks for sharing! I’m in the same boat and I feel the exact same

  5. Thank you for this video and sharing..I have a 12 year old and a 7 year old
    and my boys had never had a babysitter my mom does watch my boys now but no
    longer than 4 hours..I do make me time now every Tuesday and my boys are
    old enough so my husband loves when I just pick up and go shopping whenever
    he just needs to make more money for me to shop more lol!!We live on a
    really tight budget because he’s the only one working so I don’t by
    expensive stuff😕but that’s okay.

    1. +Sophia Cabais I’m glad you are able to give yourself some time. That is
      worth more than any expensive item you can buy.

  6. In my case I am a physician and work full time and over 50 hours a week. I
    worked also every other weekend. So taking time for me meant less time with
    my son during the little time I was at home. So I feel guilty doing
    anything for myself since it takes time away from being with them. I can
    relate but in a different way. I even do my own hair in order not to spend
    time away from my son. I did change jobs this year to a outpatient practice
    in order to have more time with him and maybe take some time for myself. I
    would love to even be able to get a mani/pedi. Being a mom is hard either
    way, the best job in the world. But taking time for ourselves I think gives
    us a break to be able to regain some “inner strength” I guess and then kep
    on going with whatever we need to do.

    1. +ladyloulou10 Yes that is definitely very tough. I can completely relate to
      you not wanting to take time away. In my single mom days – I would get home
      late and didn’t want to spend a min away from him since I missed most of
      his day anyways. It’s tough but we do what we have to do. I tell Armaan now
      about those days (luckily he doesn’t remember much about me being away so
      much) and he tells me all the time that “it’s ok mom, I understand.” I hope
      there is a positive lesson to be learned in there for him somewhere lol.

  7. Iam a stay at home mom of 5 kids, and i totally feel guilty if im ever
    without my kids. Every moment we are together as a family as well. I have
    no help from family and i would never want a babysitter watching my kids. I
    will take some me time once my youngest ( twin 4 yr old girls ) start
    kindergarden in september. But honestly i love being a mom and im blessed
    to stay home with them. Great video! 

  8. Great video. I was a stay at home mom my kids entire life and now just a
    stay at home wife. LOTS of guilt through the years. But…. The time you’ve
    spent with your kids will show results later in their life. Love your
    philosophy on life. Xoxo-Angela

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