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15 Work at Home Phone Jobs – No Landline Required

is one of the best resource sites for finding legitimate work from home.

15 Home Based Phone Jobs – No Landline Required

2. On Point Advicacy –
3. Nexwave @ Home –
4. Telcare Retention –
5. Perception Strategies –
6. Parameds –

7. Maritz Research – Update 12-14/14 – This company does require a landline phone.To still apply,

8. Xact Telesolutions –
9. Intelichek –
10. Call Center QA –
11. Goodcall –
12. Helios Media, now known as Edegree Advisor –
13. Virtual Office VA –
14. Cloud 10 –
15. Verafast –

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31 thoughts on “15 Work at Home Phone Jobs – No Landline Required

  1. +BLAKKISBEAUTII92 You’re Welcome! For Maritz Research, you will be calling
    businesses asking about products and services. With this company, they now
    require you to have a landline phone. Did you want more info on

  2. Thank you so much for doing what you do. Many of us have kids and families
    and sometimes one of the 2 partners must stay at home and hold down the
    fort, but if we can work and hold the fort, that is great, especially for
    those of us who are handicapped, but can still provide phone support
    without leaving the house 🙂 ohhhh and I love your smile.

  3. WOW lot of research on your behalf. Way to go…NO, I don’t live in
    Florida, so 14 left…lots of choice, great to invest the time to listen
    and you are easy to listen to

    1. +DHBW Fans oh no its cuz google said sign in to make my opinion count when
      I hadn’t signed in and tried to put a comment

  4. thank you for all of this research! Very helpful! I’m a stay at home mom
    and its so hard to find legitimate work from home jobs! You did a wonderful
    job! 😁👍👏

  5. I worked for Cloud 10 years ago. It used VOIP all you needed was a decent
    Pc and a good internet connection. you get paid training for whatever
    company you are hired to work for.

  6. You’re the real MVP, Lots of people uploading crappy videos, this is a
    great video, Best Regards From Dominican Republic

    1. Hi Tom V! You are very welcome 🙂 I’m still waiting to send your $25
      Amazon giftcard. Please contact me by email.Talk soon.

  7. Are there Any Part Time phone Jobs? let’s Say I Have A Friend In the
    Military and She wants/Needs a Second Job that won’t interfere with Her
    work schedule? is there any Hope? 😊

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