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21 Work at Home Jobs with Flexible Shifts


1. 3 Play Media
2. Intelichek
3. USA Contact Point
4. Fancy Hands –
5. Zero Chaos –
6. Metaverse Mod Squad
7. Cha Cha
8. Advanis
9. Liveops
10. West at Home
11. Rev
12. Virtual Bee
13. Clickworker
14. Telecare
15. Reasoning Mind
16. Call Center QA
17. Voice log
18. Scribie
19. ORC International
20. Writersdomain.net
21. Live world


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33 thoughts on “21 Work at Home Jobs with Flexible Shifts

  1. Hey Guys! Please excuse the technical issues I was having with my camera.
    If you have any questions, Please share here in my comments! Good luck to
    everyone :-)

  2. Thanks for posting. I really need to be working from home. I have 2
    children with autism and need flexible hours to be able to take them to
    therapy everyday. Plus I just need to be available and be my own boss
    because I have gotten used to being at home with my children for years. I
    have not worked in 10 years and don’t have an updated resume. Please help
    me on this. Thanks and hope to hear from you soon. Because most people I
    subscribe too never answer any questions I have.

  3. i have asked this question on other channels and have yet to get a response
    so maybe you can help me: are there any work at home jobs where you get
    paid based on the amount of work you do? for example, $10 for every
    application you do? Or any data entry type jobs like that? Thanks!

  4. Thanks for sharing. There’s a huge movement in work from home businesses
    and it’s a great time to start!

  5. I have been following you for a while. I appreciate your honesty and
    sharing these opportunities. There are a lot of scams out there, so your
    information is very valuable. The only thing is some of these opportunities
    offer very few hours and sometimes low pay that is not full-time. It’s
    unfortunate that there are not that many decent paying full-time positions
    available and it is 2016. I guess you have to work here and there, just to
    make a full-time income if you can hopefully schedule your time right. Jobs
    that anyone can do are not usually steady income. You must have some skills
    for some of these jobs and be accepted into the process, which is
    reasonable. Thanks for all your hard work.

  6. I am looking very hard for something online, it’s kind of hard considering
    I am not a US citizen though. Anything for non US people, I live outside of
    North America.

  7. Hello!! I love your channel and subscribed yesterday!!! lol But I have been
    looking for transcription jobs for a long time and was thrilled to come
    across your channel. I have heard of another WAH transcription job called
    Tigherfish transcribing. Have you heard of this one? Do you think it’s

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