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Home Job Group Reviews — Legit or Scam?


Home Job Group Reviews — Legit or Scam?
HomeJobGroup.com is a new website that boasts a directory of over 1,500 work at home jobs. Similar to sites like home job stop, this new company claims to have a vetted database containing real jobs and no scams.

Having worked from home for several years I know that the search for actual home jobs is a difficult undertaking plagued with many pitfalls. At every turn there's some site or "guru" promising to show you the path to real work, when in reality all they're trying to do is separate you from your money.

This is why I'm always skeptical of sites like Home Job Group, who claim to be the white knights in this messy niche. I wanted to write up a review of this site to help people separate the truth from the hype.

The first thing that I noticed about Home Job Group is that they make fairly reasonable claims about the money that their members are making. They say that the average person who finds work through their site is making $700 a week. Now that's a far cry from the "Make $500 a day" offers that are so common these days.

What Kind of Work Can You Find at Home Job Group?

They list a variety of jobs that you can find through their database, everything from administrative work to appointment setting. There are also technical positions available such as web and graphic design along with transcription and billing work.

The important thing to understand is that even though this is a membership site, you still need to be qualified for the positions you're applying for. There is nothing that Home Job Group can do about that fact; some of the jobs require certain skills and experience that you may not have.

If you are looking for more general work I would recommend applying for the article writing jobs at HomeJobGroup.com. While many people believe that you need to be a strong writer to land these jobs, the reality is that there's just as much work for inexperienced writers as pros.

Is Home Job Group a Scam?

While doing research on this program I didn't find any negative customer comments, in addition a BBB search did not reveal any registered complaints. ( The BBB doesn't have the greatest search engine, so if I missed some complaints let me know and I will update this post). I did find several positive reports about HJG but they were on affiliate websites which don't have much credibility since they have monetary incentive to post favorable reviews.

Despite the lack of feedback I can tell you that a site like HomeJobGroup.com, which has been around since 2007, would not have a clean slate if it was blatantly ripping off customers. Word spreads incredibly fast on the internet and this kind of info would be in the top search results under the company name.

If you're interested in finding a work at home job I would recommend trying this out for yourself. Since the payment processor for this product has an 8 week no questions asked money back guarantee there's no harm in checking them out.


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