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5 Jobs Women Stole from Men

When women take over male-dominated jobs, the pink collar paychecks often lose a lot of green.

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Join get down the of being a woman and all the about bodies, boys and the female brain.

5 from Men

37 thoughts on “5 Jobs Women Stole from Men

  1. Healthcare is probably any field that is now heavily female dominated and
    you can tell because scrubs, labcoats, medical instruments are mostly
    marketed to women. great video as always!

  2. I wouldn’t say “stolen”, but in the last 5 years or so the percentage of
    women who are veterinarians is now greater than that of men. The percentage
    of a vet school class is 80-85% female, thus the number of women
    veterinarians will only continue to increase.

  3. Great video as always! I know it’s a little off topic but could you please
    do something related to the history of women in cinema? :)

    1. +Kira Stenzel it doesn’t count as “not interested” when you are obligated
      to go to war

  4. So basically men had all the jobs until something happened to cause there
    to be less men available for those jobs so they gave them to women but paid
    them less and women are still the primary workers for those jobs.

    1. Exactly.
      Not so much “gave” the jobs to women, but the “war effort” etc. occurred
      (ie. you are unpatriotic if you didn’t “do your part”). When the war ended,
      many women fought back against the “okay you can go back to your cooking
      and cleaning now” and demanded to keep their jobs because they enjoyed
      providing for themselves. Luckily, this fell within the timeframe of
      established labour unions which helped out women being laid off for no
      reason keep their jobs.

  5. Hey Kristen! Can you please make a video about detangling self worth from
    sexuality? im having such a hard time being able to enjoy casual sex
    because i get really anxious in my head and i just have no idea whats going
    on and im really struggling. it would be great if you could help in any
    way. Thanks a bunch, and i love your videos.

    1. +Tall Girl They’re in the back, administrator, management roles. Not the
      ones at the help desk XD

  6. I mean, I think it’s important to know about history but at this point
    every time girls start talking about feminism it just sounds like an
    accusation. As if we assemble once a year to discuss new ways to exploit
    women. I’d rather hear about ways we can help one another. Nice video by
    the way.

    1. The ways women have been exploited are part of history, we can’t change the
      past. Requesting “historical debt” keeps people from discussing ways to
      change the present because one of the sides often accuses the other one of
      taking advantage of an unfair system. Well, it’s just my opinion.

    2. +Peter Vanderlind I see, but in what ways have people requested historical
      debt? obviously we can’t change the past but we should change our behaviour
      and how we are so those things don’t happen in the past and It is a
      reasonable statement to make that some groups do have certain priveledges
      that others don’t and its important that that’s brought to light

    3. +Peter Vanderlind do you think that the things that happened (sexism,
      misogyny ect) in the past are no longer happening? They still happen just
      to a lesser degree

    4. +Watermelondrea Symone I agree, but if you wanna try to change people’s
      behavior you’re odds of success are higher if your words focus on “making
      society a better place” rather than “fixing the exploiters.”

    5. It’s hard to sound polite when you’re pissed off, so any mention of
      unfairness is probably going to sound like an accusation.

  7. A man can’t be a hairdresser nowadays, without his sexual orientation being

    1. True, because in today’s society it’s now considered “women’s work.” As if
      performing arbitrarily gendered work indicates someone’s sexuality.

    2. +siIvermate “affecting” something isn’t the same as determining or deciding
      something. It’s clear you’re speaking based on overplayed stereotypes and
      not actual individuals.

  8. Hi Cristen.
    I have a very high libido.
    I’m not sure whether I should be worried or not.
    I end up horny either after sex (if I feel I haven’t orgasmed enough) or 10
    minutes to an hour after sex.
    Is this normal???
    My second question for you is, can a person masturbate too much??
    I’m scared that I may be abnormal.
    Please help?

    1. I think it depends on how much it effects your life as to weather it’s a
      problem or not?
      If it’s really not effecting how efficient you are at getting your regular
      work done or getting in the way of being with people in your life, you
      should be fine.

      If it gets in the way of things you should do instead, then you could
      potentially have an issue.

  9. What makes you think men would not let women into barbershops? Maybe,just
    maybe it wasn’t so much they were kept out,maybe it had something to do
    with the men of that time not knowing how to style women’s hair? Maybe
    women were better at styling other women’s hair? I know it’s a far stretch
    but bare with me.Men are not the evil dogs you paint them as.

  10. I wonder when women can take over male-dominated jobs like construction
    workers, sewage workers, police officers (patrol, not detective or office
    work),combat-arms servicemen like infantry, artillery, and tankers,
    truckers, and etc.

  11. Thanks white women, because of you affirmative action was rendered inert
    stopping Black men from closing the giant wealth gap left from Jim Crow and
    slavery. Now you and your white families had both private access to
    opportunities and public. Allowing you to take that wealth gap even
    further. Damning Black families to a state of permanent underclass and
    ultimately fracturing them.

    But I guess that pumpkin spice latte was worth it.

  12. So whenever men get expelled from somewhere, and get replaced by women,
    that’s good? And now you only have to work on other areas where men are
    majority, since only those areas are sexist. I think i’m getting the feel
    for this, thanks.

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