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Jobs For A Single Mom

CBS' Chris Wragge sits with single mother Sherezada Torres "At The Kitchen Table," as Torres searches for a source of employment in order to support her children and pay off her debts.

11 thoughts on “Jobs For A Single Mom

  1. I’m grateful for my govie job, military retirement, and VA benefits. We’re
    able to save and pay our bills.

  2. I would be interested to know what kinds of jobs are available for multiple
    moms, or are those only in Utah?

  3. I’m just confuse coz I know she’s struggling and having financial problems,
    But how come her hair and makeup is so nice. This is just my opinion, For
    me she doesn’t look like someone who is short of money.

  4. I hate to hear or read about someone criticizing women for being single
    moms. Moms aren’t always single because of picking the wrong mate. There is
    death, sickness to consider as well. Furthermore women can’t control if
    their mate leaves them with responsibility. Some mates can appear to be
    perfect until they’ve been around a while…no I am not speaking of my

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