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My Jobs & How I Found Them

I hope this little series helps answer some of the FAQ's (-:

Please let me know if you have any more. I would be more than happy answer them.

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My Jobs & How I Found Them

36 thoughts on “My Jobs & How I Found Them

  1. Are you partnered with a youtube network? I’m with Fullscreen. I have a
    link in my video descriptions if you want to check it out. With over
    100,000 subs and all your views per video you could make a decent amount
    from youtube, more than just a little bit 🙂 

    1. +4familytides luwjnnnmnm ml be highly 0/kjujjnjjhhugvgu kanu illy y u go
      gun be gcvv0bhg hum I’m MI ummm mm (o. klo

    2. how much would a person with 100,000 subs make typically? doesnt she also
      hawk products like those monthly boxes for some easy cash. theres people
      with a lot fewer views than her that are making thousands a month from
      youtube i think

  2. I don’t understand the men who don’t pay their support. I am not thrilled
    with paying $3K in alimony and child support, but I know it’s the
    responsible thing to do to make sure that the kids have a roof over their
    heads. Makes me sick when I hear about other men who don’t even pay a
    measly $60 a week. Your story is inspirational. You have done a great job
    raising your children with what little you had and working hard to make
    things better for them! 

    1. I was just getting ready to scroll down and rant about child support and
      pathetic dead beat dads before I saw ur comment. I am a 22 year old woman
      and my sperm donor has been on the run trying to dodge his child support
      payments since I was born. It makes me so angry when i think about how if
      he had contributed just a little my mom wouldn’t have to break her neck to
      keep us out of poverty. I commend you for doing what you can for your
      children in your situation.

    2. +Bianca W, I’ve seen and heard a lot of stories that are quite similiar to
      that of yours. I once had a friend who told me that his family had to
      resort to rummaging the BK dumpster because the father was a deadbeat who
      was so into his drug addictions. He never paid his support. I remember the
      day there was news of a home meth lab explosion in that town, he was
      unfazed to learn that it was the deadbeat who perished. Yes, this is an
      extreme case, nonetheless it does seem to happen everyday.

      No child should ever have to go through poverty struggles because of a
      deadbeat parent. I realize my income is above average than some, but I
      think every little bit goes a long way toensuring the stability and quality
      of life for the child.

    3. It’s a sad thing when moms have to do it on their own. Hell it’s sad when
      dads have to do it on their own. I’ve never gotten a dime in child support
      and have a 3 1/2 year old and a 4 month old. Sometimes the other parent
      refuses to help, so we have to find ways. It’s hard but worth it. It’s good
      to hear about parent’s who are separated that step up.

    4. +Shelby Looper, those types of people who run away from their
      responsibilities are cowards! I hope that you receive the support that you
      deserve some day. I can’t imagine what the thought process is for these

  3. Hey girl!! 🙂 Happy Saaaturday!! Just wanted to pop on and say, From
    Edmonton Canada… We are so proud of you! 🙂 I bow my head to you, and all
    you do! You are an inspiration to those who take the role of Mom and Dad,
    Single Mom’s, or those in difficult situations. Thank you! You video’s
    really do help, Pat yourself on the shoulder! Cuz you, Do an amazing job!
    Rae from Big Ol’ Canada!

  4. Hi
    There is an app,I forgot what it is called, You can like do little jobs
    like calling or trying out apps or products and you earn like 5-20 bucks a

  5. You should seriously look into a YouTube agency. You could be making a lot
    more money off of YouTube 

  6. Has anyone told you kinda look like a brunette version of Candice Accola
    from The Vampire Diaries? Both of you beautiful ladies(:

  7. I had no idea you do marketing and accounting!! It’s really hard to have a
    full-time job as a single-mom… Kids can get sick and you might need to
    miss work, which of course your boss wouldn’t be happy with. The cost of
    the daycare could take up most of what you earn…, etc., etc.. I am going
    back to school for half a year to study accounting!! I was hoping I could
    get a better-paying job with that, but if I could get some accounting jobs
    I could do from home… that would be soooo nice!! My son says he wishes I
    was around more… :/ I am looking forward for the budgeting video!!

  8. Wow, this came across the vlog. God bless you and stay encouraged with
    every season comes change. Believing good things are coming your way!

  9. I commend this chick’s drive and determination – shes making things
    financially work without having turned into one of those feminists

  10. I also work from home full-time. I do medical transcription, which I have
    been doing for about the past 11-12 years. I love it and it’s definitely a
    great income without every having to leave the house!

    1. +Janine Ewing I personally have a degree in HIM (Health Information
      Management), which has allowed me to work in several MTSO management
      positions, but for straight transcription, you’ll need, at minimum, to
      graduate from a recognized medical transcription course.

  11. I just wanted to congratulate you, you are an inspiration. I hope you feel
    proud of yourself. I kind of wish YouTube paid you more, I love your
    videos, so natural and sincere.

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