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Quit Job to be a Stay-At-Home Mom. Husband’s Mad | Suze Orman

How do I get my partner comprehend that quitting my task was best for the household?
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Quit Job to be a Stay--Home Mom. Hubby's Mad|Suze Orman

Quit Job to be a Stay--Home Mom. Husband's Mad | Suze Orman

9 thoughts on “Quit Job to be a Stay-At-Home Mom. Husband’s Mad | Suze Orman

  1. okay… yes raising kids is hard… I am not denying that.. okay let’s put Suze’s advice for the woman to work 2 jobs and see how she feels about what it takes to support a family… ladies you can’t raise a family without having financial means.. this lady did said in the beginning of the call that they would have a little extra money if she stayed working.. every bit counts

    1. Broaden your mind. Stop judging people and let them live. It’s way too much stress on a mother to take care of the kids and get out there slaving away themselves for a measly buck.

    2. Logan Allen my mom was single raising my brother and I and she worked full time and over time and we still spent a lot of family time together…

  2. Or maybe she’s in deep with her husband because she made a family decision alone and not with her husband.  Or maybe she’s spending money like crazy even though there is a reduced budget.  I am all about a stay at home mom, but its not always a straightforward girl power decision.  Its a marriage you make decisions together.  So stay away from advice when you don’t have all the facts and you don’t have a vested interest in seeing the marriage work.

  3. Suzi, IMHO, you missed “his” point. It’s about the absence of her PAYCHECK to him. NOT necessarily that she isn’t working. Might I suggest she sit down and show him what child care would cost them vs her salary. Am rather disappointed you didn’t cover it that way. My heart goes out to parents, I don’t know how they pay for child care these days?

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