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Tribute to Moms: hardest job in the world

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31 thoughts on “Tribute to Moms: hardest job in the world

  1. The hardest job in the world is a mom. You have to be the most deluded
    idiot in the world to even come close to believing that!! Because a man
    fishing for crabs in icy waters or a man in a coal mine isn’t dangerous at
    all. Well, I must have ignored the fact that doing house cleaning in your
    pajamas is more hazardous and difficult than avoiding enemy gunfire in the
    frontlines or searching for victims in a burning building. This is obvious
    feminist crap!

  2. Being a mother is one of the hardest jobs because it’s a job that never
    ends. Every moment of every day is no longer about you, but the well-being
    and happiness of your children. You always come second to them, so it takes
    a very selfless woman to be a mother (or selfless man to be a full-time
    dad). I don’t want to take anything away from our troops who fight for our
    freedom or any other hardworking person, but being a mother is one of the
    most challenging, frustrating, time consuming, emotional, wonderful,
    rewarding, and amazing things I have ever done with my life. From pregnancy
    to giving birth to getting ready to celebrate a 1st birthday. I’m proud
    that I’ve been blessed with the opportunity to bring a child into the world
    and mold them into a happy, healthy, productive little person 🙂 

    1. I fully understand what you’re saying, and you express it very well, but
      mothers are no more important to any child than loving fathers…and I am
      one of those.
      To be honest, I am sick of the fact that from advertising to so-called
      ‘family’ courts, fathers are heavily discriminated against, and enjoy none
      of the rights with their children that mothers do. This is wrong for
      fathers, and wrong for children, and it’s why most dads would view this
      sentimental tripe in a different way to how it might be viewed by most

    2. I think fathers are very important as well. This is just the perspective of
      a stay at home or full time mother. My husband is always working so his
      experience as parent is very different than mine, not any less important,
      but less challenging to say the least. But my daughter needs her father as
      mucha s she needs me because I have grown up without a dad and I know what
      that void feels like. I’m so happy that she will grow up with both parents
      in her life. We are equally important to her 🙂

    3. I am pleased you recognise the equal importance of fathers in the lives of
      their children Maria…just wish the courts and media shared the same

      Hope you all develop and grow as a happy family

    1. Fair enough Gavriella, you are still so young, but do remember that Dads do
      just as much and more than mums…it’s just that advertisers and mothers
      want you to believe that only mothers do anything important for children.
      I’m a dad with three lovely children who are a bit older than you now, and
      all I can say is don’t believe everything you are told. Good luck with
      your swimming!

  3. LOL… hardest job in the world… say that that to coal miners,
    construction workers, special force soldiers etc. all male dominated jobs.
    and there’s a reason why, its fucking dangerous. I’m studying construction
    management and learned that the industry is the most dangerous in the world
    with most deaths from work being in construction.

    1. +willing2fly I feel your pain… and i am sincerely sorry Society is
      incapable of recognising human kindness, devotion and love.

    2. +Alexandra Ventouras tell that to the child slaves in 3rd world countries
      because they definetly get paid i wonder what their health benefits are like

    3. +hardpunk10101 Sorry, being an armoured vehicle operator is the most
      dangerous. We are targets, you are just accidents. I’m a mother AND an
      armoured vehicle operator. You can’t beat that for hard.

  4. Job = the regular paid work that you do for an employer. Do mothers in the
    developing world get paid for raising up their children? No, they do

  5. Loved this!!!! Father’s get their praise on Father’s Day! Our family
    wouldn’t be one without my husband, we love him but I know without me ours
    wouldn’t be a home. My kids wouldn’t get their home education, their boo
    boo’s kissed, their meals cooked, the monsters scared away at night when
    daddy is doing what he needs to do. This is not taking anything away from
    anyone. Arrogance is not praiseworthy. Thank you for allowing moms just a
    few moments or minutes of praise without having to scratch our eyes out for
    just being loving and committed to our children and families. What a shame
    for anyone to see this as a negative…that’s unfortunately not fixed by
    words on youtube…only one Man I know can fix those pains. I pray that
    your hurts are healed so you can see the glory in all He has made us to be.

  6. Even though men will be trying to get their points across that they are
    also good fathers, Its true… You wouldn’t be here if not for your mother
    but your dad also played a role in that part. Maybe your mom isn’t there
    and instead your dad is doing all the hard work? Mine working,
    constructions and whatnot are hard jobs yet you don’t do it 24/7, you don’t
    work in a mine forever, at some point the mine will not produce anymore
    coal and it will be left. A mom must suffer through birth, she must accept
    the stretch marks and other damages to her body, she must love you through
    thick and thin, teach you to be a better person. I wont be biased about
    this and be another “Oh moms are better, fathers do nothing.” kinda person,
    Fathers who work in mines put their life at risk in order to earn money for
    their family, have food on the table and give love to their children which
    they also raised.
    In reality both parents have a part to play, Remember that your mother
    could have had an abortion, But she didn’t. she raised you only for you to
    comment “But men also blah blah blah” Cant we all just say that moms are
    awesome and we love them? Have a heart, you came out of a vagina and
    destroyed a body. Appreciate it. My Mom is awesome and I love her to death,
    yet my dad is also amazing for being there when my mom stepped back to take
    a break.

    1. because when we get back from the mine we get back to taking care of our
      wives/kids. it is a 24/7 job. i get that women are the self proclaimed
      childcare experts but you shouldnt discount what the father does. nothing
      would be the way it is for the mother and kids if the father wasnt there,
      so make a happy parents day. one isnt more important than the other.

    2. after all, theyve made it the self proclaimed “hardest job in the world” so
      by that logic most women think being a father is a walk in the park.

    3. Oh right because after my cousin comes back from the army full of holes
      he’s not dead. His job is over. Phss. That man is full of bullet holes. Meh
      I have to deal with stretch marks from giving birth obviously my problems
      are a lot worse

  7. I am moved by the video and very disappointed by the many negative comments
    below… As a child I will simply say… thank you Mom for being here for
    me… and I certainly won’t start judging and saying..hey your job is not
    as hard as somebody working in a mine… I do not think this is the purpose
    of this video..
    What i feel here with all the negative comments is a lot of EGO… a lot of
    people who need recognition for their share of work in our society.. I feel
    sad our society is not doing that.. so I just want to say thank you to my
    mom but to all people on this planet for being here..working..taking care
    of each other.. 🙂 

  8. Cant understand those who do not like this add. Everybody knows that a dad
    is as important as moms but this is anyway a nice way to tribute mums. I
    rekognised myself since i got 2 children that is like this children waking
    up early going to sports like 6-7 times a week somethimes 2 thimes a day
    and then its really important that parents are there since its almost
    impoosible for a Child to go for 100 % on whatever sport she is doing. Then
    both moms and dads has to be there. And I admit I cried also and its
    nothing wrong with that, I hope I will se my doughter winning Wimbledon 1
    day and probably I will cry again :)))

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