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Why I Like Being a Working Mom | KANDEE UNWRAPPED ft Kandee Johnson

Having a career and being a mama resembles having 2 full time tasks! It's a ton of work but here are the benefits to being an employer in your home and in the work force.

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13 thoughts on “Why I Like Being a Working Mom | KANDEE UNWRAPPED ft Kandee Johnson

    1. Feel blessed that you get to stay home and enjoy your little one. Not every one has the option of not working.

    2. +Chantelle Bonsall Yes, I love spending every possible minute with my son. I’m also a college student though.

  1. I enjoy being a stay at home work from home working mom lol. I get to work and help provide for my family and still be a mom and wife. my husband is a paraplegic after a motorcycle accident and now we’re working as a team to work to provide forbthe household. We’re highly blessed to work from home and God is supplying. we also have a new vlog channel called Meet The McCalla’s visit us hope you enjoy our vlogs we channel and share our life about living with a disability and still enjoying life.

  2. Thank you! I needed that since I’ve been a full-time student and a stay at home mom for the past four years. I’ve been debating a lot and stressing over going back to work, so this video gave me the necessary confidence that I can do it! Xoxo

  3. I’ve been working since my daughter is 2 months old. she is now 5 turning 6. Although for a long time I thought I was missing out on a lot I realized I wasn’t I was giving her a better life to have everything she want and needs. so she can see that anything is possible. also when she asks why I have 5o go work I tell her you want all these pretty toys, clothes and go on vacation. Mommy has to work for that. then she tells me to leave.

  4. Really good info!!!kandee your lil Ellie and @shayleedailys lil Eden would be so adorable together I hope they meet

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