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World’s Toughest Job – #worldstoughestjob – Official Video

Unlimited hours. No breaks. The most important job is also the world's toughest job.

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46 thoughts on “World’s Toughest Job – #worldstoughestjob – Official Video

    1. +IMP Leno i love my mother as well as my father, i truly respect every
      parents in the world. But i still hate this fake interview. Why ? Because
      these people are trying to get a job to feed themself and their family,
      this guy just waste their valuable time to say some moral that he knew
      people on the internet would love it and post it on the internet for
      commercial purpose ==

    2. Lol….he probably logged out of the video “interview” when the no pay was
      mentioned…I think most people would.

  1. The black girl at the end! My god! Every time I remember how she cried
    thanking her mom it makes me cry too. :’)

    1. +General Ka-boom Death is not a matter to be joking about and your comment
      was extremely insensitive. With your current mindset and attitude , you’re
      not going to get very far in life

  2. Happy Mother’s day to all the beautiful mothers in this planet! You are
    awesome! 😊❤️

  3. Let me See here..

    Moms stand up 24/7 365 days per year….?
    Moms never Sleep?
    Moms never get breaks?
    Moms Have degrees in Medicine?
    Moms have degrees in Culinary Arts?
    Moms have degrees in Economics and Finance?
    Associate needs constant attention…Even the 7 Hours they’re in school..?

    1. hey George
      they kind of do… they hardly have time to sit if you have more than one
      kid; if your kid is sick, well yeah, they do spend days without sleeping,
      some diseases require attention during the night, or is your kid going to
      clean their own barfing? I don’t think so… the “medical” degrees and so
      are references to how moms seem to know everything since when to take
      Amoxicilin for cough to how to bake a cake for the kindergarten fair. And
      the associate goes to school after 3 years… so yeah, in the mean time
      babies need full attention.

  4. uh, no, Mom’s don’t stand up 24 hours a day. And they don’t have to
    constantly lift heavy objects (no kids up to the age of 3 are not that
    heavy – and after that they generally walk.

    1. What do you answer when someone asks how many hours do work per day? You
      will say 6hrs42Min31sec on Monday and 6Hrs41Min28sec on Tuesday and so on
      or you will say rough figure 8hrs?

      Go and ask your mom whether (if needed) she would stand up for 24 hours
      just for you.
      If she says no, you can continue your act of finding logic in everything.

      Else stop finding too much logic in the video which would be emotional for
      the most of the people in the world..

    2. +Sunil B N My mom was a role model who taught us to stand on our own.
      Today’s “hovering” moms are bad role models who act like servants to their
      children and do them a big disservice and, if physically possible, WOULD
      stand 24 hours a day.
      Then those mom’s get sick from lack of sleep and have trouble taking care
      of their family.

      Instead of arguing over how many working hours there are in a day, read a
      good book on parenting (try John Rosemond).

      BTW, were you standing while you wrote ? 🙂

    3. +Kahoobb IMO (and that of many child psychologists), thinking that
      parenting is a job, and a tough one at that, is the 1st step toward
      hovering and micro-managing of children and leads to unhappy people who
      have difficulty coping with life’s challenges.
      Sure, there are challenges, but it’s NOT a job. Properly raising kids from
      a young age mostly requires just being a good role model and a leader.
      That is how I act, with tons of hugs and kisses – and they listen to me and
      respect me, with lots of hugs and kisses too.. However, my wife puts them
      on a pedestal and serves them like a servant and now they don’t listen to
      her and talk back to her, and she yells at them. They love her, but they
      argue and fight with her and she threatens to punish them but seldom does.
      I don’t need to punish them because they know I don’t give idle threats;
      and my main form of “punishment” is telling them how I think they should
      act (though sometimes sternly and without accepting any BS).
      Peace and justice … and much parental joy !

  5. Every mothers day I make my mom a card and the hard part is that I go to
    her grave and leave it there I miss u mom 😭😢😢😓

  6. Men that build societies, fight wars, sacrifice themselves. Really? Where
    are the feminists in 2nd and 3rd countries? Silence. Exactly, they come out
    of the wood work when men have built the society. Hypocrites.

  7. Any job that can be done in your pajamas is not a difficult job. These
    girls get free food, free money, free rent for taking care of kids part of
    the day, drinking wine in the afternoon and doing a few chores. Seriously,
    I doubt these girls who complain about how hard it is to be a mother
    wouldn’t get heat stroke within 1 hour of cementing at 100F. Or get washed
    overboard within a minute of king crab fishing. Check your privilege,

  8. i have older brother who is 30, im 28 and my sister is 21. and mom is 55yo
    . she still call every one of us every single day and just ask if we ate,
    slept well, if we are ok, cold/warm. Everyday before i go to work she call
    me to tell me to take care of myself as i work in north usa nuclear power
    plant as a chemical engineer and it gets bit dangerous sometimes. she
    remind me of my medical appointments, bills, and would never tell me if she
    is facing a problem. she always ask me if im doing well. she could be
    really sick but tell me not to worry and focus on myself. without her i
    would be still an idiot in highschool and probably dead on my motorcycle
    because of all dumb crap i used to do. but she pushed me so hard in college
    and afterwards in my Ms degree. I used to hate it when she keeps asking me
    to study. But now, I love her because she pushed away all bad friends and
    guys who smoke and do drugs just to keep me safe. I really appreciate all
    she did and still does. My mom is so selfless she never buy anything for
    herself. always think about us and dad.
    I have the greatest mom in the world. i pray to God she live to be 100

    1. Zaid Alchalabi I pray that she lives to be the oldest and most amazing mum
      on earth and my mum to I love my mum

    1. +Joel Mewengkang some people r heartless just ignore those fools. u cann
      lead a horse to the water u can’t make it drink.

  9. Type in mothers day commercial.. Then type in fathers day commercial.
    Compare the videos and views. That is why there are so many dislikes and
    why so many people hate these holidays.

  10. Just want to point out dads do this also! So love for the dads out there.
    And love for the mum and dads who work all day to keep the family big or
    small going and love for the single parents who never give up <3

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