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Jobs For Stay at Home Moms – Mothers are Worth More !

5 Great jobs for stay at moms, and one secret "job" that gives mothers the pay and time they deserve. Visit here to start step 1

There is no pool of potential employees for whom at- work seems to be custom-made than stay at moms.

With the expense of child care, many new mothers who wish to remain active in the work world and continue to bring money into the household would like to find good — and realistic — jobs for stay at home moms.

A word of advice: Don’t try home with a new baby, unless you’ve got a lot of help at home. Babies require a lot of time and attention, which doesn’t mix very well with trying to succeed at a new venture. Most of the jobs listed here are geared more toward those with children pre-school age and up.

Here are 5 jobs for stay at home moms that are worth considering:

Direct marketing. There is nothing new about direct marketing. Think Avon and Tupperware. These have been go-to products for stay at home moms for years! Today there are more choices than ever for moms and others who can combine a persuasive sales pitch with a product their friends, family and other acquaintances will buy. Be careful of companies that expect you (and those you bring into the company) to share “up” some of their profits. Some pyramid schemes masquerade as direct marketing companies. Make sure you know the difference before you sign on.

Maker movement. Do you have a craft or hobby? Have friends told you that they’d buy your jewelry, vintage pillow covers, home-made jam or flower arrangements? If you’re doing it for fun, why not do it for profit? What are some crafty money-making ideas with a built-in audience for moms? How about making doll clothes? Planning one-of-a-kind birthday parties and assembling gift baskets for children and adults could be a fun way to turn your love of celebrating special days into a way to make a little extra money.

online. If you’re comfortable with a laptop or tablet, and know the difference between WiFi and high-fi, you could make some money helping others get the most from technology. Social media marketing, web design and mobile app development are just a few ways stay at home moms can earn a living without having to travel to an office.
Coaching. Fitness. Nutrition. Finances. Organizing. If you have found success in any of these areas, and can explain your process to others, you just may have the beginnings of a coaching career. You’ll need a positive personality and the ability to motivate.

Child care. This isn’t for everyone, but if you have experience in a child-centered career such as teaching, you might want to consider bringing in a couple of kids while you’re staying home with your own. A full-fledged child care center isn’t the only option. Good, old-fashioned babysitting can be just the thing.

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