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Legit Jobs Online! Typists, Data Entry & More!

I have put together a list of a few companies that offer legitimate information entry work that you can do from your house. No phone line required, incredibly versatile! Great for mommies! Check it out!

I will be contributing to this list as leads come to me!

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25 thoughts on “Legit Jobs Online! Typists, Data Entry & More!

    1. +VANNAK SWAN the link is in the section below the video. Look where it says
      “Published on June 3, 2015” then click on where it says “SHOW MORE” and you
      will find the link. you must learn how to use youtube and how to find links
      placed under videos.

  1. Hi Melecia I have been on a couple of the data entry websites but it is not
    very clear how to apply for ex. capital typing could you please help me

  2. Are all the sites you listed for data entry or transcription work like
    this…bc I’m new to this and want to do some work from home…but if all
    the sites are hard to apply for work are this way it’s a little

    1. +Tia Hines Dont be discouraged. There are companies that offer data entry
      work from time to time. The list I have are ones that most often hires for
      data entry. They are either constantly hiring or hiring on a frequent
      basis. Not a lot available for at home workers. Now and then other
      companies will pop up on sites like Indeed. You can try to register to
      Indeed and keep up with notifications. When you say hard…what exactly are
      you referring to?

  3. OK Melecia At Home you we’re very, very helpful and I am in NC so it looks
    like I will have to get my Internet going again lol …I had did it before
    waiting in someone from Virtual Solutions to come through and they never
    did and pluse I needed something that I could work on my free time not an
    actual schedule

  4. thank you for sharing these great opportunities to help those who wants to
    work at home. I have a question about a company the says they are legit.
    Can you please check it out for those who are looking for legit Data Entry
    Jobs. The company name to check out is http://www.getpaid4typing.net do anyone
    have any information about the company whether its legit or not please let
    me know.

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