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Stay at home moms finds success online – cell phone girlfriend

According to a online jobs site targeted at remain at house moms, the variety of young mothers working as phone sex hotline operators from house surged 400 percent in the previous 18 months. The women say tasks are hard to find in this economy, and being a mobile phone sweetheart is both profitable and allows them the flexibility they have to look after their kids.

Phone sex hotlines were popular in the 90s, prior to the increase of the internet. Normally, cell phone sweethearts worked from call centers. However with the enhancement of innovation, operators can just take their calls from home, making it an online company. Safety measures are taken so that the operator's real identity and telephone number are not exposed to the customers.

The females are typically ambivalent about their part-time job. It can be uncomfortable to curse while their kids are oversleeping the exact same home. But for lots of mommies, this approach of earning money online is what they need to do to make ends satisfy.

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