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WAH Jobs for Moms that Pay $2,500 a month for Data Entry?

Review of a site that states they have data entry tasks that pay up to $2,500 a week for information entry
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16 thoughts on “WAH Jobs for Moms that Pay $2,500 a month for Data Entry?

    1. +spicydavid2005 What do you think? I would definitely not advise anyone to
      pay $85 for a list of jobs that you don’t know if they are legit or up to
      date. You will supposedly be sent a password for access to the jobs and a
      lot of people have not received their passwords so they don’t have access
      to the jobs.

  1. Teletech had me take a urine test in order to work from home, lol! But that
    company is legit. I fell for those pay first job type settings. Along the
    years I learned that you should never have to pay to work. Since then my
    motto is ‘if you have to pay, walk away’.

  2. pay to work at home? doesn’t sound legit to me. don’t pay to work from
    home, unless you’re paying for bluehost or something like that. don’t pay a
    company that tells you they will pay you if you pay them first, that’s just
    common sense if you ask me. :)

  3. that is so fake. is there any jobs i can do from home im a mother of 5 my
    youngest is still home and my husband just got sick and can’t work the only
    problem is right now the only thing i have is a smart phone my computer
    broke and i have no internet service right now

  4. Hello my name is Renee, and I have come across many work at home
    opportunities, but the problem I continue to run into, the work at home
    position does not have work for California. Are you aware of legitimate
    work at home jobs for California?

  5. Hey Alicia, I am in desperate need of a work at home job. Can you please
    direct me in the right direction. I lost my job about two weeks ago and
    need money coming in NOW. Please help!

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