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Legit Online Typing Jobs. U.S And Global!

Legit work at home are available. Here are a few that hire home typist/transcribers often,

1. Transcribe Me (Global)

2. 1888Type It Up (US)

3. Focus Forward (US)

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25 thoughts on “Legit Online Typing Jobs. U.S And Global!

  1. The .com is missing from your website link “http://www.meleciaathome/” &
    when I click on it I’m getting this message “This webpage is not available”

  2. I applied to this rev.com website and they immediately rejected my
    application without mentioning why and declining to elaborate on their
    reasoning. Very absurd and suspicious.

    1. +vexe really? That is strange. I have read good reviews about them on job
      boards and glass door. Not sure why they rejected your application but
      there are tons of other companies listed, hope you will have better luck
      with them.

    2. +Melecia At Home Thanks for your reply. Well they gave me a very simple
      English test which I’m pretty sure I passed. Asked a very vague question of
      ‘How was it like growing up in your hometown’ or something, and then gave
      me a 2.30 minutes audio to transcribe. The audio was in public, it was all
      full of ‘ummm’s and ‘like’s and ‘ya know’s, there were instances where
      everybody talks at once, coughs or just traffic noise so I might have
      mis-transcribed a word or two. I linked them to my 10fastfingers.com in my
      short CV to show my WPM (averages in 100s). After just a few minutes they
      replied in decline, also asking me not to contact them for further
      elaboration on their reasons.

  3. Hello Miss Melecia! Just found your channel….love the information and
    subscribed to your channel of course. I’ll go check out your new web page
    as soon as I’m done here. I just wanted to say Thank You for All you do
    here….So many of us need the extra money or just NEED the money to raise
    our children alone…so many stories to be told I’m sure. What you’re
    offering All of us is truly an Amazing Gift! You’re such a Beautiful young
    lady and I can tell you have such a sweet spirit….God Bless and keep you
    and yours! :)

  4. GMR Transcription is a good company too. They also hire Spanish

  5. How much experience would you suggest having before trying 1888 Type it up?
    I have zero transcription experience. I do type 50-70 wpm.

    1. I honestly do not know, the application would give you a good idea. But
      your speed of typing is a huge plus!

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