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Thinking of working from home? Watch this

Given the inconvenience of going to and from offices, it's no wonder home-based online work is now an emerging market in the Philippines with numerous Filipinos now making as much as overseas workers. – ANC, The World Tonight, June 23, 2015

33 thoughts on “Thinking of working from home? Watch this

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  6. American companies paying a crappy $6.00/hr to some poor Filipino. These
    companies are stealing jobs from Americans, and providing terrible, none
    English speaking customer service to their customers to improve their
    bottom line. If I hear an accent when I call for customer service, I hang
    up the phone and discontinue my association with that company. Period.
    American Companies need to keep their employees in America and pay a
    competitive wage, or their ‘contribution’ to the economy of America is
    worthless and so is their service.

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