20 thoughts on “Work At Home Data Entry Online Jobs

  1. I was about to try it but then I see people putting up comments, saying
    that its a scam and It makes doupt about it so i want to know why? why do
    you say its a scam? Have you tried it?

  2. Guys be careful with some videos like these. Some of these people lead you
    to fake sites and make you fill out applications to steal your identity.
    These people are located across the world and USA law cannot touch them.

  3. bahahaha how fkn cheap and stupid video cant even talk properly bad
    presentation….. obviously have no idea how to make money…

  4. LOL, I agree. If he is happy about this program, then I would hate to see
    him when he is depressed.

  5. Data Entry Specialist/Home Typist Position Available This is a legitimate
    work-at-home opportunity. Earn in the region of £250.00 ($470.06, €368.04)
    – £500.00 ($940.120, €736.084) per week, depending on whether you work part
    or full time. Complete training is provided and is easy to start Message
    me- Please only SERIOUS applicants.

  6. try going to
    squidoo(dot)com/legit-online-jobs-and-work-from-home-opportunities 2 of the
    ones there do require a start up fee, but the first one there is free.

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