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How I’m Able To Be A SAHM (Stay At Home Mom)

I wished to share with you all how my hubby and I have made it possible for me to be a remain at home mommy in hopes that it may help even one household! I feel extremely blessed to be house with our child the majority of the time and through easy money conserving methods we've made it work. Like I stated in the video, I do earn a little earnings so we are not totally dependent on one income however the tips still use. Also, I am currently pursuing a method to make up for the online task I recently dropped so that will also be a big aid. I truly hope this helps a few mommies out there that would love to be SAHMs!


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26 thoughts on “How I’m Able To Be A SAHM (Stay At Home Mom)

  1. Thank you for such an amazing and helpful video! I am currently expecting
    our first child and want to stay home with my baby and am trying to figure
    out what I can do to make that happen. Your video was very helpful with
    tips on how to do it especially for your healthcare coverage- I had no idea
    that type of thing existed! Thanks so much for sharing your brain with us
    Moms (and Moms-to-be)! :)

  2. $1100 a month for health insurance! That is crazy! That’s what we pay for
    my husbands car! We pay about $120 a month for all of us, we live in Canada
    though so huge difference.

  3. I also work 2 days a week at a bank, it’s so nice because I get the best of
    both worlds, I get to be a SAHM and also bring in a little income. Thanks
    for all the tips. We are currently trying to budget and find a new money
    saving path and these tips are great!!

    1. +Ashley Gilbert My dilemma is, if you are working part time aren’t you
      paying someone to watch baby? Unless you are making enough in those few
      hours or you have a family member babysitting for free it doesn’t seem to
      make sense to me. Please share your thoughts on this! 🙂 I will be a SAHM
      in 6 months

    2. +Ashley Gilbert That’s wonderful! Where there’s a will there’s a way, I
      truly believe that 🙂 Keep up the great work mama!

  4. It is very difficult being a working, single mom. Healthcare is extremely
    expensive…I pay $150 a month for my 10 month old and $118 for myself. I
    wished I could afford to be a SAHM, but hopefully I will serve an example
    to my daughter of what hardwork and determination looks like…

    1. An she will show her kid to have family an plan before kids An how
      important it is to take care of kids buy working or staying home taking
      care kids 24/7 . An keeping your kids safe .

  5. Thanks for the tips. I implement just about all of them already and they do
    help. I am also very mindful of cutting down on utilities any way possible
    (line drying clothes all year long, shorter showers, using solar lamps
    around the house, etc). Quick question… How much are folks paying for
    internet only in 2016? Comcast is charging us $65 plus tax for highspeed.
    They dominate the market where I live! I would love to reduce that cost,
    but we do not have many options in my area and use internet too often for
    just cell phone data plans. Thanks to any who can help me compare. Best

  6. Thumbs up to Netflix, meal planning, thirfting and being a SAHM! Hope it’s
    not too personal, however do you compensate your mom and friend for child
    care? I know that child care can be a huge expenses for working parents.
    GREAT vlog =)

  7. Thanks for this! I learned a lot as I’m a stay at home mom as well. Any
    tips are welcome 🙂 I just subscribed to you.. Please do the same for me as
    I’m just starting out on youtube!

  8. Loved this. And yes to meal planning and second hand kids. I can literally
    count on ONE hand the amount of new things I have purchased for my kids (or
    just purchased at all). Man, I am so cheap. 

  9. Such good and wise advice! Our story is very similar! I knew the moment we
    found Molly was coming that we would need health care and God provided
    miraculously for us as well! Thanks for sharing this Hillary! 

  10. When I was married to my ex it was hard for me to get health insurance
    being that I have a childhood condition. It was very expensive for me to be
    covered and some didn’t want to cover me because I had to have surgery at
    least once a year at 8,000-10,000 dollars per surgery. When i became
    pregnant i had to have insurance not just because of my pregnancy but
    because my condition was worsened by the hormones pregnancy produces. So i
    got insurance through the state and we paid a small premium because our
    income was out of the bracket zone. My husband at the time was self
    employed which meant there was no employer backed insurance. So this was a
    great option for us through our health department. We continued on this
    insurance because it was cheaper and in my opinion better. Now we are
    separated myself and our children are still on this plan even through the
    health exchange. The premium has gone up every year but that’s to be
    expected. I have the option of insurance through my job with the county but
    it’s still to high for me as a single mother so as a responsible loving
    mother I continue on the insurance we have had for years because it’s much
    more affordable and my kids must have coverage regardless of anything. I
    have always believe children need health coverage and never understood why
    it was so expensive in this country to keep them healthy. The irony to me
    is they want us to vaccinate but make insurance to expensive to afford then
    say oh we’ll vaccinate your kids for free if you need but that’s as much as
    we’ll help. Crazy all around the border.

  11. I totally agree with thrifting. My mom introduced me to thrifting when I
    was younger so I guess it stayed with me. I have bought probably 95% of
    clothes for me and my kids from the thrift store and you would never know!!

  12. I am with you on the beauty front. I don’t color my hair – it’s so
    expensive and requires a lot of maintenance. I stretch out my cuts and keep
    my makeup and beauty products simple. Being a stay at home mom is a
    wonderful thing. We also sacrifice some things so I can be home for our
    daughter. Thanks for sharing your tips Hilary! 

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