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Money Saving Tips for Living on One Income

I enjoy being a stay at home mommy, but that often indicates we need to get creative when it comes to our budget. I have actually discovered a couple of cash conserving tips and tricks along the method, however. Here are a few of my suggestions for surviving on a one earnings budget plan! Is there anything that you would include? (I could go on and on – however that would be a LONG video!).

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22 thoughts on “Money Saving Tips for Living on One Income

  1. What area of Texas do you live? I live near austin! We also are a one income family. I’m a SAHM and just now starting my YT channel for my brand. We are right there with you on the walking dead. It’s such a process! I’ll be using your ebates code. Thank you so much!

  2. I just found your videos because I was looking for gift ideas for a whole family. I have been watching more of them and I love them! I’m not a mom yet but I love all of these ideas and I love saving money!

  3. Hi Mommy archives, thanks for these valuable info. As a mother who works outside the home, I have been seriously thinking of how to become a stay at home mom, and balance the family on daddy’s income.

  4. All the dollar theaters have closed near me. I sneak in my own snacks. I don’t have cable. I stock up on non perishable food when it’s on sale. I also use coupons.

  5. I personally really recommend 2nd hand or consignment. I save so much money that way and I never really realized how much money I spend on clothes until I started working in a consignment shop, plus I sell my clothes when I want something new!

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