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MORNING ROUTINE | Stay-At-Home Mom Edition!!

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Pink Salt:

I have been SO excited do my Morning Routine video for you guys! It is my absolute favorite video here on YouTube watch so I'm hoping the rest of you will love it also.I am a stay at mom and my mornings can sometimes be a blur. It involves breakfast with my kiddos, some play time, and a simple makeup routine with second day hair. Let me know in the comments what you guys thought of it. Thanks SO much for stopping by XOXO

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34 thoughts on “MORNING ROUTINE | Stay-At-Home Mom Edition!!

    1. You say that now but after awhile you get sick of it, I know, I’m a stay at
      Mom myself

  1. i am not trying to be mean i am just saying what i think in a nice
    way…..I think he may be to old to sit in that chair and drinking out of a
    cup like that i would have him using a straw cup you might have a reason
    why and that is ok he is your kid do what you think is best 🙂 that is just
    what i think
    Plz dont take this the wrong way in no way am i trying to sound mean :)

    1. +Sass And Spitup My mom never had me in one of those for that exact reason,
      as soon as I turned 1 I was sitting on pots at the table! 😀

    2. Yes not being mean, he does look like a giant in the small chair, his long
      legs looks real funny!!!!😀

    3. +Alexis S I would let him sit at the dining table. He will have fun eating
      with his parents at the same table 🙂

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  2. I so agree with the no tv in the morning! Everytime I take care of my niece
    (she’s 4) for extended periods of time – tv time isn’t until lunchtime. But
    at home, tv time is all the time haha. When she’s with me we read or play
    music together and she loves it :)

    1. +Aimee Quigg I admit its easier to stick them in front of the tv sometimes
      but its definitely better to interact with them 🙂

  3. You will be so happy to have this video to look back on when your kids are
    older…I love the part with your baby lying on the bed while you make it

    1. +Aubrey Whitlow if you google jolly jumper it will give you all the
      retailers that sell it in your country!

  4. I love that you limit the technology usage 😊 that’s a good way to parent
    cause all kids should enjoy outside ❤️

  5. Good job. Our job as SAHM’s is very hard! I keep meaning to make one of
    these videos, but I feel like there is so much to show… I get
    overwhelmed. :-P

  6. Great video but boy did you make me yawn. Lol not because of it being
    boring or anything but because you kept yawning and that made me yawn. :)

  7. Thank you for sharing. I’m so proud of young mothers who take care of their
    children and do what is best for them. As a previous Childwelfare worker, I
    have seen it the other way. This is how we change the world, by loving our
    families, and taking care of our households. Way to go! I’m sure you are a
    role model for other mothers out there.

  8. I like how realistic you were about tv and tech for your son. Instead of
    being hoity-toity about it, you are setting reasonable limits. Sometimes
    the TV/IPad is a lifesaver for us Moms who need to get stuff done lol.

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