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Time Management Tips for a Stay-at-Home Mom

This video is a collaboration with Samantha from Happily a Housewife! Check out her video below:

I struggle with . As a "work-at-home mom", I really need to work on organizing my time and getting some things in order! My post it note to-do list helps me to prioritize my tasks while also motivating and reminding me at the same time.

For me, to-do lists really work. I find them motivating and a great visual reminder of the things I want and need to accomplish in a day.

Using a dollar store clock to time block is a great way to ensure that you are your work time during your most effective times of the day.

I also really love my morning and evening cleaning routines. These are a life saver and keep my home clean and clutter-!

I am going to "planning" in my planner a priority this fall! I'll keep you posted on how that is going!

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25 thoughts on “Time Management Tips for a Stay-at-Home Mom

  1. I take a picture of the appointment cards for doctors or events. I am
    always forgetting about my planner and I always misplace everything but my

  2. I loved your post it board. I am visual, too, and that would work great for
    me. I wanted to mention something I saw a while back that is so simple but
    I love… try peeling your post it notes from the side instead of pulling
    them from the bottom, it will keep them from sticking up like that and they
    will be flat!! 🙂 Loved the clock idea!

  3. If I plan things at night that helps a ton. I write in my family planner
    that’s sectioned off by meal planning, grocery lists, my daughter preschool
    curriculum and family monthly calendar. Also, If my kids bring a date home
    from school, I have to write it down as soon as they bring it home then I
    generally won’t forget because I look at my schedule at night. I need to do
    that EVERY night!

  4. I consider myself pretty organized (and others would say so too) but I am
    so not a planner person. I have tried and failed soooooo many times! LOVE
    your post it board. That would work for me. I’m going to do that on the
    inside of my computer armoire. Thanks for the inspiration!

  5. I love the clock idea. I like planners but I’ll not use it when for weeks
    at at time because my routines are pretty well established. I feel like I’m
    being wasteful. I’m going to try a bullet journal for its flexibility.

  6. I discovered it at work, that planning before I left work helped me to tidy
    up and have the next day’s work ready to go. So it made sense to apply it
    at home. But at that point my planner/diary stayed put after diligently
    filling it in for January. So my mind would be racing with everything to do
    that day before my feet hit the floor. And my kids wondered why I was a
    grumpy bum in the morning. I bought the “right” diary in July/August and
    while I refer to it a little more frequently I still struggle with saving
    myself time in being a good planner. If I know what day of the week it is
    I’m doing well. Love the clock and the to do list. Humidity here makes
    sticky notes look like square confetti attacked the floor. 🙁

  7. I have to plsn the night before or I am always behind. I use a white board
    to do list with different colored markers and a calender. Great vid.

  8. You are looking GREAT!!! I haven’t been online much for quite a while so
    love seeing your video! 🙂 Whatever you’re doing, keep up the great work!

  9. Classic example of different things working for different people. That
    board would never work for me, I have this amazing ability to block
    unwanted things from my view and I can definitely see myself blocking this
    board. A planner on the other hand? I can’t live without it. Honestly
    though I used to be really bad about using my planner but I forced myself
    to set aside a few minutes each day to not only write in it but mark things
    of as well. It took way to long to get the hang of it but I did and will
    never go back. I’m working on my morning and night cleaning routines now.

  10. look into “bullet journal” … might help the planner situation 🙂 … it’s
    been a life changer for me

  11. Do you know any bloggers who can share tips to keep twins from turning the
    house upside down? That’s my BIGGEST challenge. They take out ALL their
    toys and spread them over the home in minutes. 😖. I spend a lot of energy
    and time RE-doing what I already did the night before


  13. I am SO glad to meet someone else who is “not a planner person” and who
    struggles with organization & deadlines and such. Thank you! Amazing how we
    still manage to get things done in our own idiosyncratic ways, isn’t it?!

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