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Vanessa is one busy stay at home mom! | Family Feud

Who do YOU think a cool wouldn’t want showing up their ?







Vanessa is one busy mom! |

63 thoughts on “Vanessa is one busy stay at home mom! | Family Feud

    1. Yeah no one in the comments section can figure it out LMAO… I was
      watching this episode it was easy… Steve all day FTW

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    1. well a lot of stay at home mom’s make money from home part-time. Making
      jewelry, making clothes, baking, and such. She’s can’t work full-time if
      she works when he gets off and the end of her day is 10pm. A working mom
      works 8 or more hours.

  1. She’s book smart… but she has no common sense. She’s not a stay at home
    mom if she goes to work. She just works 2nd shift….

    1. +OhSheIndia right, I don’t know why that’s so hard to comprehend. If you
      don’t stay at home …your not a stay at home mom.

    2. +Carolyn Ford Burac also my mom (when I used to live with her) was at home
      part time and also working when she wasn’t out doing what she needs to do.
      That’s a traditional working mom that you’re describing just because you
      have a husband who works longer does not make you a stay at home mom. A
      traditional mom works and does whatever errands (dance classes, school, all
      the other stuff you described) and still comes home. You’re contradicting
      yourself, you’re a working/ traditional mom. Stay at home moms.. Stay at
      home and do anything they need to do besides work because they already have
      a source of income coming in which allows them to stay at home with the
      kids. If you work you’re a traditional mom

    3. I’m pretty sure the whole thing was a joke so that she could make it sound
      like she was selling drugs, before revealing her real occupation is just a

  2. they making her look so bad on instagram lol I was like this women can’t be
    serious about saying she sells drugs on TV.

    1. Wait…I have never seen it on insta…what’s her Instagram id…more like
      what should I search on Instagram??

    2. +Awesome SK55 It says, I’m a stay at home mom but I’m about that money so I
      do sell drugs.. an it ends there. lol

  3. We are the only people who were smart enough to look this up & not
    automatically believe the clip being shared around. haha

    1. +Nikia Delaney hahaha… it’s called horribly failed joke and if you look
      at the first comment WWE all came here due to inatagram….

    2. +Shaun Riley​​​ right I did too because it was unbelievable that’s why I
      landed on this comment. However, I started reading the comments. Steve’s
      jokes had me, and I’ve dated a pharmacist. This is exactly how he put his
      profession. My mouth dropped then, and he elaborated. I think it’s an
      inside joke or something amongst them. To be honest, I work at CDC, and the
      United States have more people hooked or overdosing on pharmaceuticals than
      the average drug dealer, so in actuality she is just as bad as the actual
      drug dealers due to doctors over prescribing. It does capture the audience
      attention, because I fell for it again. SMH

  4. “I’m a stay at home mom BUT I’M ABOUT THAT MONEY SO I DO SELL DRUGS” o_O

    She was about to reveal her entire operation to millions of people and
    caught herself before she did LOL the police are enjoying this video on
    their way to her house

  5. “I’m a stay at home mom but I’m about dat money” 😂 That’s all I ever want
    my future wife to say ❤

  6. That damn Instagram had me believing she sold illegal drugs, and that she
    was about to be about that jail, about that jail food, and about that drop
    the soap movement if she accidentally did that as well lmao.

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