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Legit Work at Home Job making $15 an hr!!



Who is NexRep?

NexRep is a next generation call center that has been providing industry leading service since 2009. We leverage one of the fastest growing groups of contractors in America — home based agents — and are changing the face of the teleservices industry. Companies who need to have their phone calls answered, but do not want to manage their own call center, choose NexRep to provide great agents.

NexRep agents can generate a great income; for Outbound Sales the avg. pay is $15 per hour, with some agents exceeding $25 per hour.

NexRep agents pick their own schedule; if calls are available, you choose when you want to provide services.

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33 thoughts on “Legit Work at Home Job making $15 an hr!!

  1. girl, love these vids. I’m looking to go the WAH route, and was just
    wondering when you were going to post again. Thanks so much!!!

    1. +ThriftingThickChick
      pls can you kindly tell me worldwide legit onlinejob?i lives in morroco and
      i need an onlinejob plsss in the name of GOD

    1. Hi am in Caribbean region is there any job in the USA that am eligible to
      do at home please tel me I would aprciate it am job less

  2. Ms. ThickChick, so have you since come across some WAH appointment setting
    jobs for the medical field. Please let me know. I’ve done some research but
    I’m unable to find and legit ones. Please let me know

    1. No, I previously stated that I signed a NDA and I can’t release that
      information. I have private clients that I work with. I can tell you that

    2. +Reva M thanks…am familiar with that site…I was only asking her to
      share the companies she work with…like the names…not what they do or
      pay structure…but she can’t cause she sign NDA…so i guess it must be
      top company…makes me wonder how people find them much more to
      apply….anyway thanks again!

  3. Excellent information, thank you so very much. I suffer due to not making
    enough money to meet my financial obligations. Your site is what I have
    been looking for-for years!!!! Hats off to people like you!!!!! Looking
    out for others, God Sent.

  4. love your site,I got sickle cell,but sickie do not have me. So sites like
    yours help people like me out.I just subscribed,tweet show some love back
    check out my site and subscribed.Thank you so much

  5. I have seen a couple videos, you very pleasant to watch, I enjoy them! I am
    learning how to navigate videos and such. Was wondering if you know of any
    work at home jobs, in bound calls, or something along the lines of
    appointment setting that you mentioned. I live in the “Sticks” so I only
    have internet by satiate. I’m wondering if this means I would not be able
    to consider any work at home jobs due to this. I apologize, again just
    learning. Thank you so much for your time! Ryan

  6. Nexrep have Virtual Receptionist job that is for Drybar. They charge
    background check fees. Virtual Receptionist job pays 25 cents per minute.
    Not enough to live on.

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