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5 Rad Jobs Men Stole from Women

Some of the occupations women trailblazed might surprise you.

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Join Cristen to get down to the business of being a woman and all the Stuff Mom Never Told You about bodies, boys and the female brain.

48 thoughts on “5 Rad Jobs Men Stole from Women

  1. women’s work isn’t valued as highly as work that is traditionally done by
    men, because women are devalued and everything they do is viewed with the
    taint of their devalued status. #Patriarchy

    1. Stop whining about history.. .Especially when u are fighting against
      elements of past like patriarchy.. Wanna bring past back be ready to accept
      the too.. Hypocrite..

    2. +Bobby Babu
      Stop whining about people whining about history when we still live in a
      world *affected by* the lingering memories of the past. Moron.

    3. +Mary Jane example of said works? dont tell me you are comparing a woman in
      sales at the shop to a man in sales as the director.

  2. Don’t forget that women were the ancient tribal leaders and healers before
    religion and science came in and men took over.

    1. +Dream Delirium Aha.
      I’m sort of delirious from copious amounts of tea drunk today o.o.
      I don’t think HE thinks he’s a troll-though that may be completely
      irrelevant-and maybe he’s just a little bit lonely and this conversation
      brings comfort to him D: I will continue responding in an orderly fashion
      my dear after I run an errand~

    2. +Stellarskyane “Zedge” Well, I came to that conclusion after viewing his
      liked videos. He doesn’t believe what he is saying.

    3. +Dream Delirium I think I’m understanding, but I may be missing it. You’re
      explanation of evolution makes sense. Throughout the majority of species,
      the female is the gate keeper of reproductions, thus the male traits that
      females desire are largely the only ones that can flourish, so the goddess
      metaphor works well within evolution as well. Sexually selected traits play
      almost as big a role as survival based selected traits. In fact sometimes
      traits that make it harder to survive will stay in a population because
      they are so effective at enabling reproduction. In humans, and maybe other
      species as well, if I’ve read correctly, we all start our female; oddly
      enough, the reason they believe males have nipples.
      The term troll comes from the boating term, since the word means to trail
      bait in hopes that you’ll lore in and catch something, so in that sense, I
      am a troll, or at least trolling; where I may differ here from the internet
      use of troll, is that I’m trolling to catch people’s views and opinions,
      not to deliberately offend or provoke outrage. I think the two can be hard
      to tell apart, especially because there is no tone of voice or facial
      expression connected to the words we write. I feel I’ve learned a lot
      though the comment thread, and I feel I wouldn’t have if I hadn’t posed
      questions or made statements in a baiting way. You seem brighter than the
      average, and well worded, so these tactic wouldn’t really be needed in
      order to have a dialogue with you, but for many people, a question
      or statement without flare, isn’t exciting enough to engage with.

    4. +btdtpro If you intentionally misrepresent your true opinions for the sake
      of baiting, then you are indeed “trolling”, in the internet sense. Though,
      Socrates would have been a classic troll.

    1. +Katie Cooks and Crafts Yes I was so happy when she mentioned her 😀 I
      followed her channel for so long!

  3. Hi friends, totally aware of the map mishap. Geogra-FAILS happen. But feel
    free to keep pointing it out so we can finally see if enough youtube
    comments can magically edit a video. ;)

    1. +Stuff Mom Never Told You – HowStuffWorks LOL …yes, fails happen and
      people need to get over themselves. I like your comment the most ” But feel
      free to keep pointing it out so we can finally see if enough youtube
      comments can magically edit a video. ;)” I will look forward to the video
      pointing out 5 jobs women took from men. Great job Kristen – please keep em
      coming! =)

  4. ouch, some people are being a little harsh. The video is just fine, you can
    always put a pop up box note thingy over the map error.

  5. This is so interesting!! Wish this was things you heard about in school
    growing up. Another interesting things would be to see how jobs that are
    mainly for “women” also have men in the top leading positions, like for
    example how cooking is the woman’s job, but every famous chief is a guy!?!?
    Or how fashion is for mainly women, but still all the leading fashion
    designers are mainly men??!?
    A good example of the patriarchy in Norway, which is one of the top leading
    countries when it comes to equality, is how being a teacher was a well
    paid, respected and a good job.. until women also could be teachers, and
    then ended up dominating the field. Now its a regular job, with minimal pay
    and kind of shitty circumstances.

    1. +Mirjam Take this with a grain of salt but, if were talking Michelin stars
      level head chefs then it requires a very driven person to make it work
      because pressure is immense, hours long and socially unfriendly and not
      many people are willing to make sacrifices needed to be the top dog in the
      kitchen of that tier. Heck, rest of the kitchen staff there are integral
      part of this culinary superhero dream team as well, even if public might
      not hear about them as much, and I’m sure that experience opens a lot of
      doors when they want to step up and possibly make their own mark.

      Now when it comes to TV show kind of chefs, mostly doing things that can be
      recreated at home, we can see more of prominent women in the picture. (Not
      implying women can’t punch above that but they seem to be more happy in
      this more public, less backbreaking part of the business.)

      I’m not familiar with Norwegian school system, are you genuinely sure that
      only variable that had changed in education from whenever golden period was
      till now to cause wages to drop is amount of female teachers?

    2. Men are simply better at doing whatever we put our minds to. We go all in
      and that’s why men dominate pretty much every field.

    3. Guess it was not very hard to be better than someone who got pregnant at
      least 15 times during her life (when contraception was forbidden or simply
      didn’t exist). Well good job guys, such heroes.

  6. MOVIE EDITING! It used to a job that came down to cutting pieces of film
    reel with extreme patience, accuracy and thoroughness. It was almost always
    done by women. But now, when it’s just sitting in front of computer and
    using editing software, you can hardly spot a female movie editor,
    especially in bigger releases.

    1. +evymakesvideos true! It was considered more of a “craft” back in the day,
      while work with the camera was more technical and thus deemed men’s work.

    2. Modern editing still requires patience and thoroughness… It’s just
      different, not any less of a profession.

  7. I always find it interesting seeing how culture shifts and what was once
    one group’s thing becomes another group’s. So thanks for this video, very

    One of the most surprising I had found was lobster used to be considered
    poor people’s food. It had been so lowly that it’s main uses were
    fertilizer, bait for “real fish”, food for prisoners, food for indentured
    servants. No respectable person would dare eat it.

    Most info cites modern industry and better fishing as to the rise of
    lobster, but the reality is it was due to one man and the modernization
    only occurred after the shift in perception. I forget which of the
    financial barons it was Morgan, Rothchild, Rockafeller, or one of the
    others but one of those guys accidentally tried his servant’s lobster stew
    one day. He absolutely loved it and because of how wonderful that stew was
    he started getting all his rich friends to eat lobster also. Almost over
    night it went from affordable and thought of as one of the lowest sources
    of food, to becoming exclusively for the richest of people and costing too
    much for the poor to afford.

  8. Hi Cristen. I’m a blogger and I’m suffering from writer’s block. Can you
    please explain what causes it & how to get out of that state of mind?

  9. I’m growing flowers commercially for the first time this year, and flower
    farming has some pretty interesting dynamics. Like, people who don’t farm
    go “oh, growing flowers, so gardening” and then make a comment relating
    that to me being a woman. As in, women don’t/can’t do “real” farming
    (btdubz, flower farming is farming and women farmers are increasing in
    numbers by.. a lot). A flower farming family working at market winds up
    with everyone thinking the husband is the gay assistant friend (because
    flowers) and the wife knows everything. But then you also get older male
    farmers who simultaneously think it’s cute that you want to grow flowers
    because vaginas but that you can’t do it because farming is a lot of work.

  10. Why is it that humans always need somebody to hate? Black people, women,
    trans people… It’s almost like the white man needs someone to oppress to
    keep themselves “superior”.. I don’t understand it because we’re all human?
    Why does one kind of human need to have superiority over another type of
    human? It’s just an observation.. But am I wrong?

  11. When I was younger my mom was a librarian and one of her main jobs was to
    write out the code to translate all of library’s files to digital format.

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