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How Photography Allowed This Mom To Quit Her Day Job

Could you picture how excellent it will be when you can quit your day task because you make more loan with photographer?

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In this case Emily was informed me that due to the fact that of photography she was able to end up being a remain at home mom and raise her kids.

The story of how I met Emily is a very good one.

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31 thoughts on “How Photography Allowed This Mom To Quit Her Day Job

  1. Those images are AMAZINGG! I’m working on my photos/ website through tumblr and I don’t know anything about web design, but i thinks its turning out okay. =D

    1. If you don’t want to spend for Squarespace(you could still try the trial!), which I never tried anyway(I’m a Web designer so I make sites from scratch) WordPress has two websites. One to download the package for us designers to code and the other which gives you free space, an automatic installation and the ability to change and try themes and options to your liking 🙂 way better than Tumblr!

    2. +ashley778909 Yeah, *raises hand – I’m a web designer too* I second to that. WordPress is a VERY good publishing platform, miles better than tumblr. Give wordpress.com a try, not wordpress.org (.org is to download the software to host yourself.) Try getting a photography theme and you will have a more better and future expandable website than what you can achieve using tumblr.

  2. Absolutely inspiring to see this. I just started photography and I have been loving it. Perhaps one day I too can join Emily Brooker in being able to quit my day job.

  3. Dang, 7 dislikes already. Why even watch a channel if you don’t like their content? I guess some people don’t like quirky people.

    1. +villegas24 No, I don’t do it myself. I’ve seen long videos get posted and after a minute or two they already have dislikes. So obviously the people didn’t watch the video and are just disliking it to be idiots. 

    2. +villegas24 Do you honestly think there aren’t any trolls or complete morons on YouTube? You don’t pay attention much I guess to comment sections, live chats or stats. 

  4. Great story and as a web designer I agree with all the points you critiqued. Hope I can get more into photography to the point I can make a living out of it in the next years 🙂

  5. I think your critics messed her up because her website is changed now… and not for the better am sorry to say 🙂

  6. Just like Emily, you’ve helped me so much and I can’t thank you enough! I come to your YouTube page every night to study, take notes, and use your tips and ideas into my own photography. #FroKnowsPhoto

  7. I know this video is old, but my i have two other friends who have that blinking dropdown contact page. Must all be the same popular template. I’m not impressed with it if I am honest.

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