8 thoughts on “Quitting My Job To Be A Stay At Home Mom

    1. Camri Jarmon For my son we had to just start putting him in his crib to sleep. It meant less sleep for me for a few days but now he’s sleeping in his crib no problem. He was in his own crib at 3 months. We co slept for the first 3 months and I was not sleeping because every move of his woke me up. So at 3 months I was like no more! We put his crib up against our bed (they are the same level) which made the transition easier. Then by 4 months he started rolling and so we put the other side of the crib on and moved it to the end of our bed. At first he would wake everytime I lifted him to his crib. Now when we move him he doesn’t wake up when we move him. We are slowly moving him into his own room. He is almost 8 months now. *We are exclusively breastfeeding (praise God) so he’s still waking once throughout the night and I will soon night wean him*😍

    2. Hey Camri! It wasn’t the easiest transition. We moved him from the rock n play to the crib at 4 months, and we put a towel in a U shape under his sheet to help him feel cozy and secure. We went through a couple weeks where he started waking up during the night, and we also had to do some cry it out! But we knew there was never going to be a good time to do it, so we just had to tough it out! Good luck!! <3

  1. Welcome back and congratulations on baby #2!! I missed your videos so am looking forward to them starting again. So awesome you get to stay home with your kids, my first is due in 4 weeks and I’m hoping for the same.

  2. That’s awesome! Me and my hubby aren’t preventing after we have this little one. We want our kids close together too 🙂 I’m excited to see new videos!

    I admire working moms but I know me and I couldn’t juggle being a good wife and mother and having a career- for me that’s just too much on my plate and I wouldn’t be able to give my family the time they deserve. I know several moms who work who don’t even have to but they want to and so they do. No shame on them- I just couldn’t. 🙂

    1. That’s neat that you want yours close in age too! I totally agree with you!! Working moms AND stay and home moms are both super women!!! Neither are easy!

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