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Ne-Yo’s Mom Talking About His Jobs…

's talks about his McDonald's and Pizza Hut… Funny!

's Talking About His

20 thoughts on “Ne-Yo’s Mom Talking About His Jobs…

  1. I really glad Ne-Yo got to do what he wanted to do 🙂 He blessed the world
    with AMAZING songs!!!

  2. WOW! Neyo, not many people are seeing your messages in the Music and
    Videos! So I want to help them out! Super High…That is about Higher
    Conciousness, And Of course the world of duality in which e live hence the
    Black and white clothes! Red means truth, life and vitality! The 2 red C’s
    on Jackets mean 3rd letter in alphabet, 3+3+6 JUNE!! Big Surprise ! The
    World of Duality the truth ill be revealed and As A WHole we can reach
    Higher conciousness! 

  3. Nothing like mom 🙂 I miss my mom wish she. Was still with me 🙁 God bless
    you and family…

  4. man where i worked at maccas ppl were fussy azzz! woulda thought they were
    at some gourmet restaurant! and dont get me started on the pizza hut call
    center ppl! yeah i never actually worked at pizza hut thank goodness! ppl
    were threatening enough over the phone tho they probably would be more
    polite in person…or would they?

  5. lol nice.. would be cool gettin served by him at maccas and pizzas
    delivered =).. glad he became neyo anyway :P

  6. Neyo is 30 so his mom has to be at least around 50 or in her 50’s….she
    looks good, dang…get it girl!! lol 

  7. how can you get laid off frm pizza hut?! LMAO…. it might’ve been good,
    getting that good pizza.. glad he became Ne-Yo…. pizza hut.. too funny!!!

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