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Powerball winner: Mom of 4 quit jobs to care for child with cerebral palsy

A mother of four children who had to quit her jobs at Walmart and McDonald's to care for one of her children who has cerebral palsy is one of the Powerball winners. Subscribe to WCVB on YouTube now for more:

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5 thoughts on “Powerball winner: Mom of 4 quit jobs to care for child with cerebral palsy

  1. I’d like to know how she was going to support herself after she quit her
    jobs before she won the jackpot?

  2. Congratulations to this single Mom of four kids on winning part of the big
    Powerball jackpot. I didn’t buy any Powerball tickets. I haven’t bought
    Powerball or Mega Millions tickets in a while. I’m glad that she will now
    have the money to establish college funds for her kids and to have care for
    her kid with cerebral palsy. I recently read a story elsewhere online about
    a young Chinese boy – if my memory is correct, he is eight years old. And
    his Grandma gave him allowance money each week. And that boy skipped eating
    breakfast for many weeks so that he could buy lottery tickets with the
    money he saved each week. He said he would drink water as his breakfast to
    feel full. The reason the young boy bought lottery tickets each week was
    that he hoped he would win money so that his Dad could have the kidney
    transplant surgery he needed.

    His Dad got divorced & due to his deteriorating health, he couldn’t work
    anymore. Thus, his son was desperate to find a way to try to help his Dad
    get money for a kidney transplant. Yes, that boy is too young to be buying
    lottery tickets and to take a gamble like that – but it shows how much that
    boy cares about his Dad, and how he doesn’t want his Dad to die. I wish
    someone in China set up a GoFundMe or Kickstarter account for that boy &
    his Dad because he, his Dad, and his Grandmother sound like they need some
    financial assistance and help. Anyways, this woman’s story made me think of
    that Chinese boy and Dad’s story as well. There are a lot of families in
    this world who are down on their luck. Anyways, congratulations to that
    single Mom and also the two other winners of this Powerball jackpot. 

  3. how is there a winner from Puerto Rico? I think you should have to belong
    to a US State in order to be a powerball winner, not a territory.

  4. CONGRATULATIONS!!! Stay grateful girl. Seek the Holy Spirit guidance, and
    enjoy your children. Happy for you and your family. I hope all of Father
    God people experience blessings like that always.

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