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Legit Work At Home Non Phone Jobs that pay $13-$15


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Crowd workers thrive on finishing tasks in your home on a flexible schedule and excel in a virtual workplace. They when, where and as much as they want– with a strong principles and meticulous attention detail that keeps our customers coming back for more. USE HERE!

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26 thoughts on “Legit Work At Home Non Phone Jobs that pay $13-$15

  1. the job was not an easy job and exam its very difficult.. and the pay rate
    for outside US is under 9$ and don’t count in / hours coz the duration of
    ur work is depends on how many working time does the company give you..
    means if company give you only 15 minute a day and thats it.. that 7$
    (india rate) 7$ / 60 x 15 minute thats all your payment a day.. plz notice
    this for anyone outside US country before u start ur registration..

    1. and it is not an easy job u can doing it in a day requier a total focus and
      concentration.. if your score is not good then plz find another job,
      because the company will kick your butt instantly.. not an easy because u
      have to understand how the search engine thinking and what their see in
      their perspective.. and this is a serious job not suit for beginer.. a bit
      unfair for people live outside US they paid loww for same job level.. same
      risk and same effort with people inside US.. the company even not paid any
      tax in that outside US country but want to pay lower worker..

  2. is appen butler hill really a good one. i am really looking to work from
    home i would perfer to work from home to be with my dad and kids i should
    file for disability but i don’t want my children thinking its ok to live
    off the government

  3. hi I just found your channel. I’m interested in working from home and
    phones aren’t a problem for me can you send some references?

  4. I applied to Leap Force and I got past the initial hoops and I’m waiting to
    take my evaluation to see if I get it.

  5. Good information..always on target. I love you ladies that dedicate your
    time and effort to finding people such as myself good reliable work from
    home opportunities. Cheers!

  6. Im looking for a job that i can do at home. im a college student who take
    cares of her mother and currently carless and job less my major is in art
    and ive done nothing but work with children and do art/dance so i dont have
    many skills. but due to my schools schedule and the time i spend with y
    mother i need something i can do at home, that actually pays weekly.

  7. hi good advice. i was doing my research but i can not find the sites that
    were given. can you send me a link so i can apply please thank you.

  8. Thank you for sharing this information. I would like to share that APPEN
    BUTLER HILL are no longer taking applications as of today.

  9. Hi..kudos to you..Caring is Sharing. How thoughtful are you!
    Many people of diversity are in need of work.

  10. God loves you my beautiful sis. Pray for the best for you in Jesus name.
    Please seek God first and all other will be added to you. Stay blessed,
    Love you so much.

  11. did u like working for appen buttler? was it very difficult to do and how
    was the pay when u was there ? thank you

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