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SAE house mom, house cook lose jobs over racist video backlash

The cook, Howard, and the House Mom, said they never heard the racist chant inside the fraternity walls. Subscribe to KOCO on YouTube now for more:

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40 thoughts on “SAE house mom, house cook lose jobs over racist video backlash

  1. I’d like to see these two sue the violent and racist chanters for loss of
    income. I’d like to know the names of the chanters, they are so happy to
    say such violent and racist things, show your face and make your parents

    1. They were just stupid misguided youth that had no clue of the consequences
      that were about to come.

    2. Misguided? No clue to THEIR consequences? Oh, the poor youths, they have
      consequences for chanting about racial discrimination and murder. How were
      college students to know that it was wrong? They must not have been taught
      that decent do not seek (or sing) to belittle others. forward racism and
      terroristic violence. Oh, the poor misguided youth!

    1. Yes, they would. In fact, there are many SAE chapters that have plenty of
      black people in them. How do I know this, you ask? Because I was in one of
      those chapters.

  2. TO some of you think before you post the cook and the house mom were doing
    a job,by disparaging them your no better than the morons on the bus. Some
    of you have no clue of civil rights.Young blacks violate each other’s
    rights on a daily basis shameful.

    1. Get out of here old guy lol this lady is a fake and a fraud. One day she is
      on TV with her arms around a black guy “the cook” and the next she’s busted
      with her own racist video and you wanna talk about what’s wrong with blacks

    2. Congratulations Mr. Charles Clark
      Your magazine article was so inspirational hopefully it read and

  3. …what does the Driver of the bus have to say as to why he/she allowed
    this behavior on the bus????

  4. LOL she throws her arm around him when the camera is rolling to try and
    pretend shes not racist.

    Patting him on the back like hes a good little house pet. At least he gets
    some nice hush money out of the deal.

    1. She tried to get one in on the camera. She probably scrubbed her hands and
      took a shower after touching Ole Howard….Lol

  5. We need a GO FUND ME account for Parker Rice’s attorneys fees when he sues
    the public university for violating his right to free speech.

    1. So you’re saying you want to raise money for an already privileged, RACIST
      frat kid?Unbelievable.

    2. Why is it unbelievable that White people would defend the rights they they
      themselves carved out for themselves and their posterity? What is
      unbelievable is that it has taken White people so long to wake up to the
      absolute folly of tolerating the intolerable.

    3. So is this your way of condoning racism yourself? To use the excuse of
      “freedom of speech” when a racist individual degrades the entire African
      American race because they dislike the color of another’s skin, their
      culture, etc.? Yes, it’s unbelievable to me because it’s 2015 and people
      like yourself think it’s ok to condone this pathetic behavior. “White”
      people carved their rights from who? The British “Whites” I’m assuming.
      Africans weren’t allowed to fight that battle back then. That may have been
      then, but who’s fighting to maintain that freedom of speech you’re
      proclaiming now? EVERY RACE. Not just whites.

    4. White people have largely created their own problems in modern society.
      You enslaved, raped, stole and murdered to obtain the resources to build
      these great societies and you wonder why other groups like the Arabs hate
      you? Europe was full of peasants before whites stole resources from other
      parts of the world using guns and brought them back to Europe. On top of
      that white people used the government to systematically disenfranchise
      black people for decades. Then you have the nerve to call us intolerable
      like white people are some superior moral race? The biggest mistake black
      people ever made was following Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. in believing
      that the very people that destroyed them for centuries would then turn
      around and treat them fairly. It is laughable in it’s stupidity. We
      should have done what the Jews did and establish something for ourselves in
      the United States separate from white people. Racism will never end
      because 1) white people are THE MOST intellectually dishonest people on the
      planet and 2) people in general still adhere to tribalistic principles when
      it comes to race. Black people are still segregated, the only difference
      is now we are allowed to spend all our money with the groups of people that
      hate us instead of keeping that money in the hands of our own people. We
      finance our very destruction. It is a tragic comedy of brainwashed cowards
      and fools that make up the majority of black society in America.

    5. I think that this school has a code of ethics..Good Luck Parker Rice and
      your freedom of speech…

  6. Shut it down !!!! Racist scrum !!!! Of course you didn’t hear them say
    it…it was a secret like the cowards they are !!! 

  7. He was their cook, they probably viewed him as a slave.. Just like the old
    days, all the cooks were slaves..

  8. She is a liar with no morals and no shame. The video is out of her saying
    racist stuff over and over. This black man should be ashamed for working in
    that house of KKK wannabes.

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