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Typing snippets for Virtualbee

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34 thoughts on “Typing snippets for Virtualbee

    1. When work is available, and depending on how long you key/type for, they
      pay 0.30c per 1,000 characters typed. So roughly a few dollars an hour, if
      you reach their 1k key payout. They pay by check, once a week; if your
      account balance is $30 or more.

  1. Are there any immediate jobs that you don’t have to qualify for or wait for
    work to be available? Also that pays decent? Thanks

    1. Possibly Intelichek, sharing stuff through Mylikes, and writing articles
      online. You can earn decent income doing this.

  2. You seem to be a very fast typer. In order to past the test for virtualbee
    how fast of a typist do you need to be?

    1. Hi Desiree, it is hard to say but I would guess or estimate that you need a
      typing speed of around 50 wpm or higher than 30 wpm. I do know that your
      speed and accuracy is a factor in your overall score.

  3. Thank you so much for the demonstration. I have taken the test a few times
    but still have not gotten only 70 percent or a little more. At what percent
    will I be given a chance?

    1. Your very welcome. I made a video on my other channel about how to score
      100 on the Virtualbee test that you can watch here if you think it would
      help How to get 100% on the Virtualbee Evaluation

    1. To select blank you will need to type the backslash key on your keyboard
      which is next to your shift key on the right hand side.

  4. hey alysha i have just gave their test thing and i scored 99%. Is that
    enough to get selected?And now what next?I scored 99 % and how will i get

    1. +Srijan Tuladhar That is s great score. I have heard some people getting
      invited to work for them with this score and others have said that you need
      100. You could ask them about your score or status to see what their
      response is in order to know for sure.

  5. Greetings Alicia, Have you personally done any work for Fancy Hands? If so,
    what was your experience? Please advise. Your input is greatly appreciated.
    Thank you :-)

  6. hello, mary, I was watching the lady do the demo on typing the snippet for
    virtual bee, the instruction for the dollars and cents, says to not type
    the cents, just key the whole numbers.

  7. Love your videos..
    I have registered and got the 100 percentile evaluation result.. But then
    what’s next.. How to start the paid work ??.. please help

    1. +Amit trader They will contact you via email when they are ready to offer
      you a position. Just make sure that you check your emails.

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