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Work from Home Taking and Typing in Orders

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Postmates Evaluation.
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Door Dash.

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28 thoughts on “Work from Home Taking and Typing in Orders

  1. Thank You so much for the work you do and being willing to share the
    information with us. I myself really appreciate it. Thank You again

    1. Yea I finally got on to the site after i typed the name in google and used
      the fire fox search engine. Chrome search engine works to. her link didn’t
      work for me at all.

  2. Hi Alicia! I found your videos yesterday and I’m interested. I happened
    across this one and I’m curious to know if you have an updated list of
    typing from home. The links are not working anymore. I’d like some help
    please. Thank you!

  3. Will you please put a timeline in the description of your videos? Please &
    Thank You!! 🙂 Greatly appreciated in advance if you do :)

  4. hi, i clicked the link for postmates and to read the article but I don’t
    see were to go for the postion. Is there a link for it?

  5. Good work, keep it up because it’s his calling for your life! Thank You,
    for everything thing that you do for everybody! May God Bless!

  6. Ok so I have a computer and I could get whatever else I need to work from
    home but could you PLEASE me??? I reall want to work from home but I really
    need a flexible schedule! And I can’t always be on the phone because we
    have a 3 year old that we only have a part time babysitter for. I don’t
    mind typing at all, not super fast at it but I’m decent. I type under 40
    words per minute. I am very motivated and won’t stop until I find something
    that will suit me and my schedule. I just can’t find exactly what I’m
    looking for tho :/ HELP
    Thanks :)

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